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New book on AMAZON: THE X SECRETS for Eternal Life & Making the World a BETTER PLACE by Axel X Engler

Perhaps this is the first book ever in the world that is about blood donation combined with a powerful motivational concept. A real life changer!

USA, February 10, 2020 / -- Although the title of this book might emphasize a certain assumption, be rest assured that the author stands firmly with both feet on the ground, and is as far away from the guruworld as an eskimo from purchasing a refrigerator.

Axel X Engler has spent his entire professional career of over30 years in the financial world. But this book is not about business or investing and how to become a millionaire.

It is about something much more important: your personal life optimization and the precious fluid that circulates all around your body, in just 23 seconds – your blood.

After reading you will have the tool kit under your belt to maximise your potential, accomplish epic results, make your health bulletproof, and most of all know how to make the world a better place, by helping other fellow humans to survive.

In this life-changing book the author has put in his rigorous life experiences of more than half a century that he collected while living, stuying and working on five continents.

THE X SECRETS will walk you through:

+ How to distinguish yourself by the most honorable track that you can leave behind

+ discover little-known secrets of how to become succesful person by constantly beating your inner idiot and
swimming against the flow

+ supercharging your health by proven systems to strenghen your auto immune system

+ facts about blood donations that will make you want to take action immediately

Axel X Engler (aka *THE X*) was born in Zurich/Switzerland into a family of bankers in the same year when England won the football world cup. Since over 25 years THE X has been a risk-taking hedge fund manager investing in the global financial markets after he founded the first continental European Hedge Fund VEGA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT. In addition he is a former heavyweight boxing champion, a badass motorcycle rider as well as a marathon and Himalaya trekking legend.

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