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Breakthrough mass screening and vetting technology for monitoring convicted terrorists

British company announces breakthrough validated technology for monitoring convicted terrorists

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 5, 2020 / -- Breakthrough Mass Screening and Vetting Technology for monitoring convicted terrorists

After ten years in development, British and American scientists have announced a revolutionary breakthrough in targeting integrity and enhancing public protection through the introduction of a screening and vetting system which uses advanced technology and is appropriately named VAST (Validated Automated Screening Technology).

The VAST System, which has been validated by Kings College, London, was developed by world renowned experts in Forensic Psychophysiological Detection of Deception, Neuro science, Physiology and Computer science in Britain and America.
The system is highly accurate, unbiased and robust, highlighting individuals that demonstrate physiological signs of deception. Results are instant and it has a high level of security with encryption built in.

VAST is able to work in any language and the entire process takes only 20 minutes to complete. Participants are not required to speak during the process. This enables it to complete integrity screening for large numbers of people quickly and effectively. It also has built in algorithms which spot attempts to beat the system.

This makes VAST ideal for screening for issues such as:
• Pre – employment checks
• Undetected Crimes
• Falsification of references
• Terrorism Associations
• Drug misuse
• Sex offender management and maintenance
• Immigration control
• Benefit fraud
• Gangland Associations
• Fraud and bribery
• False asylum seekers

Kings College London, after extensive research, concluded that the VAST System delivers an overall accuracy figure of 85% and on truthful subjects is even higher – 88%. There is no other technology today in the world that can match these figures.

Commenting on the product launch Don Cargill, CEO of VAST said: “The VAST system was launched recently and significant interest has already been shown from many interested parties, including numerous International Governments, security forces, sporting bodies, charitable associations and many police forces across the world. We are excited about the prospect of helping to resolve many of our National and International issues using the VAST system and working in partnership with our future clients.”

Commenting further Mr Cargill said: “We strongly urge all Governments from around the world to work with us in using this new technology to protect the public and safeguard children and our borders from the threats that are active and present in today’s society.”

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