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Filmmaker Darren Wilson Announces New Film About Jesus Christ

Documentary seeks to be the Jesus film for a new generation.

GREENVILLE, SC, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2020 / -- Darren Wilson, the filmmaker who pioneered a new sub-genre of faith-based documentaries with films like Finger of God, Father of Lights, and Holy Ghost, has recently announced an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the most ambitious movie of his career. Titled The God Man, the filmmaker says he hopes to make the “Jesus film for a new generation.”

Wilson describes The God Man as a passion project he has been planning for over 10 years. In it, he hopes to delve deeper into C.S. Lewis’ famous “trilemma” where the theologian posited that Jesus can only be one of three things: either a liar, a lunatic, or who he says he is—Lord. Not only will the movie feature interviews with a wide variety of Biblical scholars, teachers, evangelists and celebrities, but it will also be a globetrotting spectacle that will feature Wilson’s trademark “adventures” in places like Israel, Alaska, Japan, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City. Wilson hopes that taken as a whole, the movie will present Jesus Christ in a way that is surprising, authentic, and most importantly, non-religious.

“I keep saying it, but the world is on fire right now,” Wilson says, “and it’s almost like the church has set Jesus aside for a bit while we all debate with one another about politics, sexuality, morality, and whatever else bothers or incites us. Faith is increasingly becoming a place of cultural or moral battle lines, and while I agree that many of the issues being focused on are important, I also think it’s easy to kind of lose the plot in the midst of our vigor to be heard on these issues.”

The Indiegogo campaign Wilson has launched is ambitious. Offering standard crowdsourcing fare like getting a copy of the film early and other movie-related goodies, the campaign also contains some eye popping offers. The highest priced items are the chance to join Wilson and his small team for an entire filming experience in various places around the world for a cool $50,000. “While I obviously realize that not many people will be able to afford the top end rewards,” Wilson explains, “it’s also important to note that all of the donations that come in will be tax deductible, and for our hard core fanbase, the opportunity to join us on one of these famous adventures that make up the heart of my films from start to finish is a true chance of a lifetime. It’s impossible to go on one of these trips and not be changed forever. What you see and experience God do is mind boggling.”

While the film’s minimum budget of $500,000 is minuscule compared to most films, it is still a mountain to be climbed for a filmmaker who has lived pretty much outside of what would be considered “normal” moviemaking operations. Wilson’s movies have seen massive exposure in countries around the world despite no marketing other than word of mouth. “Our fans are the most loyal, passionate fans around,” Wilson continues. “It’s one thing to watch a movie and like it. But it’s something else entirely to watch a movie and have your entire life changed by it. That’s what has happened over the last decade that I think is pretty unique only to us. People watch them, get radically touched, and then go out and buy 10-20 copies to give away to everyone they know. I mean, my first film, Finger of God, still sells quite well even though it came out in 2008.”

The God Man campaign will run from February 1 through February 14, with production beginning in May 2020 with an eye towards an early 2021 release. “This will be my 7th film,” says Wilson. “I know I’ll make more movies in my lifetime, but there is no question that none will be as important as this one. My entire life depends on Jesus being who he says he is. To make a movie to try and prove that to the whole world…what could be better?”

Wilson pauses after this, then adds, “Or more terrifying.”

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