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The Brazilian lawyer who's transforming Latin American law

Meet the Brazilian lawyer and professor who's doing a great job on the journey of digital transformation of Latin American law

SAO PAULO, SP, BRAZIL, January 16, 2020 / -- The world at large is undergoing strong changes related to the intense digital transformation.

We see profound changes with the emergence of several enabling technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence. Data is becoming more and more valuable, so people and businesses are heavily driven by it. The changes are profound in the human skills needed for success, as well as in cultural approaches. New business models emerge, new processes of wealth generation and also more demanding consumers. The meaning of competition changes and innovation seems to be the path to "salvation."

The legal world, which is known to have traditional conservatism, faces consistent difficulties with this new scenario. In Latin America, this legal conservatism seems to be even more rooted in the standard culture of the legal professional.

A look at Latin American legal professionals is important because there's in this place the country that alone has more law schools than the rest of the world combined (there are over 1,600 of them!).

In this seemingly difficult context, a Brazilian lawyer, graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais, is doing an important job that has even crossed Brazilian borders.

We're talking about Marcílio Guedes Drummond, a lawyer who is currently a partner at Marcelo Tostes Advogados, one of the largest and most established law firms in Brazil. In this firm, Marcílio is the partner responsible for Startups Law and also the Innovation Head.

The most interesting thing about this story is that Marcílio Guedes Drummond chose not to keep his ideas of innovation and digital transformation to himself or his law firm.

He's the founder, CEO and Professor of an Education Startup (Edtech) called the "Advogado de Startups Academy", by which he transfers his knowledge exponentially.

To get an idea of ​​the size of Marcílio's work, just in 2019 he gave more than 115 lectures, impacting almost 100,000 people.

This work focused on legal innovation, digital legal transformation, startup attorney training, entrepreneurship and technology in law, new legal professions and new skills of legal professionals, has been developed by Drummond not only in Brazil, but in other countries such as Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

In this journey of innovation in law, Drummond has interesting ideas, which he always repeats, such as "Success in law is outside the law", to represent the great moment of change, together with the need for an extremely multidisciplinary training of the legal professional, with focus on soft skills.

Drummond is also a major reference in advocacy for Startups, companies that seek to solve problems on a large scale by creating exponential solutions. Uncertainty, innovation, risk and scalability are words that characterize the daily life of these companies, which have peculiar needs of management, communication, business models, relationships between employees, fundraising, control and data analysis, as well as legal solutions.

Marcílio Guedes Drummond's visionary ability allowed him to see well before most lawyers (about 6 years ago) that Startup Advocacy and legal innovation were niches to be explored, in a totally different reality from the so-called traditional legal marketplace. which there is an excess of professionals and opportunities are missing. Brazil has about 1.3 million lawyers registered with the Brazilian Bar Association, a growth of 80.99% in 11 years, but most of these professionals continue to work in the traditional branches, outside the technology and innovation markets.

There's no disagreeing that it's an important transformative work of traditional Latin American law.

Through social networks like LinkedIn (typing "Marcílio Guedes Drummond"), Instagram (on @marciliogd and @advogadodestartups profiles) and through the site "" you can follow part of this exciting and significant work.

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