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2019 Recap for GoSolar Mining

The world of Renewable Energy once again evolved at a rapid pace over the past year, and we’re here to recap all the important events and news from 2019

HONG KONG, January 2, 2020 / -- The world of Renewable Energy once again evolved at a rapid pace over the past year, and we’re here to recap all the important events and news from 2019 and give you a sneakpeak for what is in store this 2020.

This 2019, we celebrated our first decade as a Renewable Energy company. We invited all our clients and shareholders for a 5-day global conference in Gibraltar last April 2019 to get to know our Management team, senior staff and impart knowledge to our clients for the expansion plans for the year. GoSolar Mining sponsored a tour of Gibraltar and some parts of the coast of Spain for top leaders and performers of the Company.

Despite being Headquartered in Gibraltar for 10 years, GoSolar Mining consolidated its businesses in Hong Kong under Petros Global Solutions Corp. This is in line with the company’s expansion projects towards East to better its claim and bidding position for concessions in China and other parts of Asia. Shortly after, the company’s expansion plan to China came to fruition as GoSolar Mining won the concession to develop a PV solar plant in Zhejiang province in October 2019.

In November 2019, 3 consulting projects in China were locked-in by GoSolar Mining with a partnership with GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd, one of China’s largest solar farms operators; with China Merchants New Energy to complement their Green Panda initiative in Shanxi province; and a conceptual and research study for the rehabilitation of the Chongqing.

Aside from expansion projects, GoSolar Mining was also focusing on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by partnering with Scions withZeroMass water to help alleviate severe water shortages in Chennai, India. ZeroMass water converts the water vapor in the air to safe and drinkable water with zero contaminants. The initiative produced 40 ZeroMass panels around the city which produced 1,600 gallons of water per month.

On the Research and Development front, GoSolar Mining is partnering with Chinese solar scientists who have recently discovered how to utilize solar powers to generate power at night using triboelectric nanogenerators also known as Tengs. This makes solar panels more efficient in the long-term, being able to prevent power output plummeting when the sun isn’t shining. We’re improving our solar panel installations to generate power both day and night to optimize our renewable energy generation.

In 2019, members of GoSolar Mining’s Board were also recognized internationally. Mr. Kool Long was appointed as a Senior Advisor to 2 new PV solar projects under the AC Energy of the Philippines and the BIM Group of Vietnam. He is expected to continue his directorship with GoSolar Mining until 2020.

The PV Solar plant in Zhejiang is expected to be fully operational by August 2020. All the consulting projects are being worked on in parallel with other Renewable Energy operators in China.

The most exciting news for January 2020 would be the launch of the Renewable Energy Fund. The components of the Fund will be centered on Renewable Energy projects and related investments globally. The Fund is projected to earn 1% to 3% monthly, based on several fixed-income yield and equity return on Renewable Energy companies. The Fund has 3 main allocation depending on the client’s risk appetite: Solar Power Balanced Fund, Dynamic Allocation Renewable Energy Fund, and Alpha Opportunity Renewable Energy Fund. Following the launch of the Renewable Energy Fund, the popular crypto mining packages will be discontinued by Jan 31, 2020.

For 2020, Go Solar Mining is still pushing for more expansion projects in Asia where growth is likely more to be delivered. We are still fighting the fight of global warming and climate change by raising awareness and education at the community level where our solar plants are located by collaborating with governments and education centers in the area to teach about climate change and environmental issues. On this new decade, we will continue to support renewable energy companies which contributes to power sector transformation through our Renewable Energy Fund which will deliver continuous and sustainable profit for our clients and shareholders.

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