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ArabHealth 2020

XR is catalyzing healthcare through interactive, responsive, and hyper-realistic scenarios that help master delicate procedures and minimize mistakes

Extended reality is catalyzing healthcare through interactive, responsive, and hyper-realistic scenarios that help master delicate procedures and minimize mistakes.”
— Dr. Sana Farid - Pioneer X-Reality & Ai Strategist
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, December 27, 2019 / -- “Health care is not a commodity or privilege, but a human right.” – Julio Frenk, Dean, Harvard School of Public Health.

In a world with rising population problems, health care is crucial. Health care practitioners are tasked not only with the duty to save people’s lives, but also to improve the quality of life.


At a time when human existence is deeply linked to technology, it is unsurprising that technology provides hope in health care too. The recent developments in technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (Ai) ushered in the fourth industrial revolution in the 21st century.

“Extended reality is catalyzing healthcare through interactive, responsive, and hyper-realistic scenarios that help master delicate procedures and minimize mistakes.” – Dr. Sana Farid, Pioneer XR & Ai Strategist


Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term used for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It debuted mainly in entertainment systems and gaming but has rapidly gained importance in healthcare.


Providing new treatment options is easier with VR, which enables people who are temporarily disabled to regain control in a virtual setting. Stroke patients, for example, can practice daily activities in simulated environments under doctors’ supervision.
After complicated procedures, patients are likely to be vulnerable to anxiety and require pain medication. When they are provided XR immersive experiences, they adapt to this temporary condition faster. It also makes the period leading up to the procedure more comfortable for the patient. When simulations are available, fears can be mitigated more efficiently by simplifying complex ideas.

“With XR, patients and doctors have real-time updates on their health conditions, improving communication and therefore, treatment.”


With improved XR, aspiring doctors can practice new techniques without risking patients’ lives. A risk-free environment with real-time feedback helps doctors become more precise. A freshly minted doctor with no hands-on experience will still be able to perform with great skill and accuracy through virtual practice.
Even established surgeons can become better using XR. When planning and training for complicated surgeries, XR helps visualize the procedure. Being able to interact with models increases accuracy and the chances of favorable outcomes when the process is carried out.

“XR revolutionizes how doctors are trained, allowing them to practice in a risk-free simulation and helping them minimize errors.”


The Arab Health conference is the biggest in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. It is among the five biggest healthcare conferences in the world. It attracts about 55,000 attendees from 159 countries, which makes it a leading platform to engage, network and discovers the latest trends in healthcare.
For the upcoming event of 2020, the conference has the central theme of the fourth industrial revolution. Recognizing how vital VR and Ai will be in providing healthcare, Arab Health is providing a platform for discussion.

“The Extended Reality (Cross-Reality) market was valued at USD 27.0 billion in 2018 and is projected to increase rapidly to USD 393 billion by 2025, report MRFR analyses.”

Immersive experiences bring hopes to patients and have been popularized under the labels of #VRforGood and #VRforImpact. Arab Health has identified this trend and is bringing together world experts to exchange ideas in intelligent connectivity which will permeate into telemedicine, virtual healthcare, and assistance.


Not ones to restrict their theme to theory, Arab Health has partnered with Munfarid to provide immersive experiences. This Bahrain-based innovation company is just three years old but has achieved tremendous success in this short time.

“In the Arab Health conference in 2020, Munfarid will provide immersive solutions to attendees, allowing them to experience personally how transformative technology can be.”

Munfarid is a very multifaceted company, branching outwards into science, technology, education, and healthcare. However, healthcare remains an issue close to the heart for Dr. Sana Farid, who is a Co-Founder at Munfarid. A pioneering woman, she has set an example for women in the MENA region by becoming an incredibly successful entrepreneur. She firmly believes that XR has touched people’s lives positively.

“…Healthcare professionals are able to help patients with better treatment outcomes during painful and/or anxious situations. This approach enables them to improve the overall patient experience and a better quality of life." – Dr. Sana Farid

Dr. Sana has brought XR to children as well as the elderly through distraction therapy, meditation and wellness, and immersive programs. These have been received with great appreciation.

Dr. Sana’s ambitions fast-tracked her career to the position of Co-President of the VRARA’s MENA chapter. This association unites global innovators to collaborate. Today, Dr. Sana is an integral part of the association.

Munfarid has greatly benefitted from her expertise, as she brings technology to everyone and transforms their life. Munfarid now has expanded its horizons to work with some big names such as Huawei and HP at the GITEX Technology Week in 2019. With these partners, the focus is on fostering positive change in education and healthcare through immersive technology.

Arab Health has chosen Munfarid as the immersive solutions partner because the company has demonstrated consistent efforts and has been delivering credible partnerships. Through these, Munfarid is carving a niche in the world and making itself the go-to brand in the immersive healthcare sector.
It is fast emerging as a beacon of pride in the MENA region, inspiring other companies to innovate and collaborate on ideas that boost long-term entrepreneurship and strengthen the economy.

This new year, see for yourself how ideas are translated into reality. Come, experience the transformative power of immersive technology at Arab Health 2020!

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How VR is Revolutionizing Healthcare