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Ladye to Partnership with F3 Club

Ladye to Partnership with F3 Club

Ladye to Partnership with F3 Club



F3 Club

A reputed fashion jewelry brand, Ladye will announce the collaboration with the F3 club on 25th December 2019.

USA, December 26, 2019 / -- There could be no better Christmas surprise especially for girls and women this year. A reputed fashion jewelry brand, Ladye will announce the collaboration with the F3 club on 25th December 2019.

Being an F3 Club membership is always special because the F3 club membership excites you on every purchase. Ladye, one of the well-recognized fashion brands especially in the US and Europe had scheduled the collaboration with the F3 club on Christmas to make it grand and members will get a chance to shop with raining discounts and reward points.

About Ladye

Ladye is committed to providing personalized and customized Jewelry and beauty products for girls and women. We respect individuals and design products based on people’s personality characteristics to better reveal their temperament and make them more confident and attractive. With Ladye’s 360-degree high polishing technology every product shines as metal shines from every angle.

Ladye believes every woman is beautiful, and the brand is committed to giving an extra persona of fascination and beauty.

What Ladye offers?

Ladye jewelry is designed and crafted with precision by the world-class technicians, each cut and curves are perfectly symbolized with the perfection of fine art and technology. Ladye offers jewelry that is categorized in earring, necklace, bracelet & ring. It also offers earring &necklace, necklace & bracelet set.
To make it more accurate the brand categorized the products as per your choice for i.e. for mother, girlfriend, or for birthday. Ladye is included in every of the few brands that assures the best quality with every purchase you buy.

How to ensure a good Jewelry Maintenance?

-Keep away from chemicals
-Avoid impact and hard object friction
-Do not wear it while sleeping
-Do not wear them when bathing or swimming
-Clean them with a Jewelry cleaning cloth and put them into the box when not wearing
-Better put together with Antioxidant paper

Grand Christmas Celebration with F3 Club

First of all the club members get a privilege to shop first and get only high-quality products, because of Vmartego INC. adapt a presence during the production process and ensures the highest quality of the products manufactured.
With every purchase get an additional 25% discount on Ladye products. You will be amazed to see the quality of the products at amazing prices.

To exercise more discounts on products all you need to be a member of the F3 club. All you need is to do the registration and select SVIP membership to unlock the offers and discounts.

Who is Vmartego INC?

Vmartego Inc., the head office was found in 2015 and is located in California, USA. The overall sales of the Vmartego group and its shareholding subsidiaries are over 1 billion USD in 2018. Vmartego is a large-scale industrial chain integrated group which mainly integrates industrial chain and asset management. Therefore, F3 Club has the ability and confidence to provide quality products and services to its members. Join F3 Club and you can share all the resources from Vmartego Inc.!

Let's focus on what all you can access with the membership

-Everyone would like to have a product without paying a cost, that’s why with SVIP membership you can get a chance to test the Ladye products for free
-The validity of the membership is one year
-You also get a chance to unlock each product at 25% flat discounts
-Get additional privilege benefits, and 40% off on your next membership renewal date before it expires
-Enjoy 50000 points as a reward on every purchase and further on you can use those points with the total amount of purchases you made. The appropriate amount will be deducted from your total amount and henceforth discount applied
-With SVIP membership the price protection on the product cover up to 30 days
-Unlock festive Christmas gifts worth $50
-Prime day offers-Scheduled twice a year, SVIP members are privileged to buy products at a 50% discount
-2 one-day tickets at any Universal Studios in the United States, these tickets are available only on weekdays and public holidays worth $258. Only for SVIP members only
-Privilege benefits in charity, 1000 reward points equals $1
-However, if you do not like the services, then the refunds will be calculated on a daily basis

The opportunity is limitless with F3 membership, enjoy exclusive VIP treatment and concessionary treatments from now onwards. With every purchase you unlock many reward points and discounts, if you calculate the total savings in a year, then the total saving amount will be a lot more than you expected.

Shopping with F3 membership is a ‘Fun Fortune & Freedom’ experience, and the membership ensures to get the best quality of the products on every purchase.

F3 club facilitates the great shopping and its well said ‘Surprisingly Good Quality at Surprising Prices’.
*The offer is only valid for US Members only.

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