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Renewable Energy Fund supports the Industry

The world is undergoing an energy sector transition towards a more inclusive, secure, cost-effective, low-carbon, sustainable future and innovation is the key.

GIBRALTAR, December 18, 2019 / -- The world is undergoing an energy sector transition towards a more inclusive, secure, cost-effective, low-carbon and sustainable future and innovation is the engine that powers the ongoing transformation of the global energy system. A multitude of innovative solutions have been key to making renewables into the competitive energy option that they are today. The pace of renewable energy innovation keeps accelerating, with power generation solutions at the forefront. Rapid cost reductions for solar power have put these technologies at the core of the energy transformation. This is why Gosolar Mining has been acknowledging and adapting innovative technology and pursuing expansion this 2019.

From innovation in operations by solar power generation during nighttime to creating a renewable energy fund that supports other companies in its innovative businesses, Go Solar Mining is investing in these new technologies to support the innovation in its industry along with its peers as a better, more competitive company in Renewable Energy. Further innovation in renewable energy technologies is needed to increase efficiency, to better adapt these technologies to specific weather conditions to better integrate them into the living environment (for example, innovations in building-integrated PV systems) and to further decrease costs.

As much as the company is looking to adapt these innovative solutions, Go Solar mining opted for a fund to raise awareness and capital for its invested companies to maintain its competitive advantage on its own business and protect its clients. Just a few companies in its Renewable Energy Fund include Enphase Energy Inc which had more than 400% growth in 2019, the company produces Internet of Things (IoT) technology for retail clients worldwide and Solar Edge Technologies Inc, more than 100% growth in 2019, produces innovative invertor technology which has Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage management for its PV solar implementation.

GoSolar mining is targeting renewable energy companies which contributes to power sector transformation, how the innovation, through the services and the benefits provided to power systems, could support the energy and benefit GoSolar Mining’s clients and investors. GoSolar Mining is adopting an open and cooperative approach to innovation. Innovation needs to engage different actors, from both the public and private sectors and across developed and developing countries. Knowledge and experience should be shared more widely across the energy and financial sectior. There is ample opportunity for clients for growth and knowledge from different players in the industry. Innovation should be coupled with a sustainable and inclusive approach. This is what GoSolar Mining Renewable Energy fund is looking to highlight for its investors.

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