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Discontinuation of Crypto Mining packages by Jan 2020

GoSolar cryptocurrency business will be discontinued on Jan 31, 2020. The three crypto mining packages will no longer be available for purchase on January 31st

GIBRALTAR, December 12, 2019 / -- GoSolar mining and its cryptocurrency business will be discontinued on January 31, 2020. The three crypto mining packages: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla will no longer be available for purchase on January 31st 24:00 GMT.

Clients who were able to avail of these packages will continue its scheduled payments until its contract expires. To take advantage of the profits available on the three packages, the management of GoSolar Mining is allowing clients to purchase the crypto mining packages or top-up their account before the said date deadline. Management will continue to honor the additional investments and new contract purchases only before the Jan 2020 deadline. Please contact your designated account manager for more information. You can also ask GoSolar Mining’s live chat agents about the discontinuation of the crypto mining packages on January 31, 2020.

When asked about the discontinuity of the 3 popular packages, Mr. Kool Song, Vice Chairman of the group mentioned, “Most of Gosolar’s investments will be integrated into the Renewable Energy Fund. The fund, which will also be available for individual investors, is a more sustainable alternative for our business. We already made sufficient profit out of the crypto mining operations in its peak years and this additional revenue has also helped our recent expansion.”

The Renewable Energy Fund available to clients comprises of 3 main funds: Solar Power Balanced Fund, Dynamic Allocation Renewable Energy Fund and Alpha Opportunity Renewable Energy Fund. These are already available for GoSolar mining investors. The fund has various securities which have a higher long-term growth potential. It’s currently being managed by the GoSolar Mining Renewable Energy Fund team. Unlike the crypto mining packages, clients are able to withdraw and have access to their Funds account daily. It also has a minimum profit guarantee of 1%-3% monthly.

More information on the Renewable Energy Fund is available on

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