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Introducing F3 Club Membership Where Luxurious Shopping meets with High-Quality Products

Fun Fortune Freedom Club

Fun Fortune Freedom

Hello F3 Club

Hello F3 Club

fun fortune freedom - F3 Club

Fun Fortune Freedom

F3 Club Membership is introduced to ease your shopping with the motive to make your shopping Fun and Excitement.Surprisingly good quality at affordable prices.

USA, December 11, 2019 / -- We are glad to inform the launch of F3 Club a place where you can do shopping on a whole new level with the continuous growth of the online shopping market. The F3 club is one of the member clubs under Vmartego INC. We believe and follow the concept Of ‘Fun Fortune Freedom’ to offer our members a lot of discounts which make the products affordable and reasonable.

F3 ensures the participation of controlling the production process, providing members with high-end quality products at a nominal price with the high-quality service experience. We are committed to providing you surprising quality at unbelievable prices.

Who is Vmartego INC.

Vmartego Inc., the head office was found in 2015 and is located in California, USA. The overall sales of Vmartego group and its shareholding subsidiaries are over 1 billion USD in 2018. Vmartego is a large-scale industrial chain integrated group which mainly integrates industrial chain and asset management. Therefore, F3 Club has the ability and confidence to provide quality products and services to its members. Join F3 Club and you can share all the resources from Vmartego Inc.!

Now let’s come up to on the benefits you get from F3 membership

Shopping will be fun whenever you shop you will get the first privilege and get a chance to unlock discounted merchandise, hosting offline high-end fun parties and last but not the least, you always get the best quality of products. Shopping will be hassle-free and fun with easy to earn rewards every time you purchase. With every reward, on your next purchase, you can use those points and minimize the total amount of the product.

The membership is categorized into two membership plan

-F3 VIP Member
-F3 SVIP Member

The VIP member has an attractive pricing of $199 only, where you get a chance to unlock 10% of the products along with 10000 reward points you earn for the online benefits. Whereas, SVIP membership excites you more with a lot more reason because you get a 25% product discount along with 50000 memberships reward points.
If we talk about Offline benefits of both memberships, which includes you to attend 4 times theme party in a year with a reasonable price of $50 and $5 only.

Let every member enjoys hassle-free shopping and a happy life!

ATTENTION: It is applicable to only United States Members only

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