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Tengs, a new innovation in solar energy advancing renewable energy towards efficiency

Chinese scientists have invented solar panels that can generate power at night using the rain as known as triboelectric nanogenerators (Tengs).

BEIJING, BEIJING, CHINA, November 27, 2019 / -- Solar power installation is soaring globally thanks to costs plunging 90% in the past decade, making it the cheapest electricity in many parts of the world. But the power output can plummet under grey skies and researchers are working to squeeze even more electricity from panels. Every solar panel tries to maximize its sun exposure, by generating as much electricity as it can during the day and using a short-term storage system at night. Since the inception of solar energy in 1839 to its mainstream adoption in 1979 and until today, solar panels have been using the same photovoltaic effect to generate electricity from sunlight.

Recently, Chinese scientists have invented solar panels that can generate power at night using the rain as known as triboelectric nanogenerators (Tengs). This makes solar panels more efficient in the long-term, being able to prevent power output plummeting when the sun isn’t shining. Further, the technology is also adaptable to mobile and flexible devices, such as electronic clothes. Making the technology more lightweight and portable.

This solar panel generates electricity from falling raindrops during the night, enabling power to flow even when skies cloud over or the sun has set. According to its lead researcher, Baoquan Sun, “the field was developing fast and expects to produce a prototype product in three to five years. Other scientists in China have also used Tengs on solar cells to harvest some power from the wind, an approach Sun said could be added to his device. The top layer of the Teng is also grooved to help focus more light on the solar cell.”

Bergsweinn Logi, Chief Executive Officer of GoSolar Mining, met with Baoquan Sun to test his new technology on the solar panels of the company. According to Logi, “It’s still a long way to go before we can connect this new solar power to the grid, but I want to test this technology this winter / rainy season. We will try to make it happen with the Chinese experts. I’m confident we can adapt this to GoSolar Mining as soon as its final testing stages.”

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