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Executive Summary

The process of attracting, screening, and appointing the right candidates for various jobs is known as recruiting. For decades, recruiters were the ones in complete control over hiring employees for companies. However, technology such as automation and artificial intelligence is transforming the landscape. Even though it is streamlining various operations, the process of recruitment remains the same. The first step is defining the role, where the goal is to have a complete description of the role and candidate required. Next, the task is to source candidates, by attracting applicants.

For this process, the common technique is advertising via multiple channels, such as agency websites, company sites, social media platforms, and publications. When recruitment agencies are part of the process, they will use existing databases to find candidates. Some companies will research and recognize prospects, who may not be seeking employment. The third step in recruitment is screening, where the process is to find the best candidates. Agencies and companies tend to have different methods to conduct this activity. In most cases, experience, qualifications, and skills of the candidates are taken into consideration for recruitment.

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Technology will continue to revolutionize the recruitment industry. It is becoming time consuming and a waste of significant amount of resources to continue using conventional recruitment techniques. Agencies and companies are using selection algorithms, which assist in shortlisting the right candidates for job vacancies. They can also use software tools, to keep track of the entire recruitment process, including metrics such as candidate engagement. Real-time data opened the industry up to new methods of hiring candidates, leading to complete transformation.

Market Segmentation

The recruitment market segmentation in the report, has two major categories – digital and traditional recruitment. Another classification to understand and obtain data about the industry is on the basis of applications. It covers recruitment of temporary staffing and recruitment of permanent staffing.

Regional Overview

The report provides data on development status, recent trends, and size of recruitment market. The focus is on Europe, in regions such as Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Russia, Italy, and the UK. United States, China, Japan, and India is part of the report, due to the size of the market in these regions. It includes data from Southeast Asia countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Central and South America countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Middle East and Africa nations Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates are regions of focus. Other Regions include the remainder of the countries which are a part of the recruitment market.

Latest Industry News

Recruitment amrkets are adopting new technologies, as they help cut down on costs. Agencies are turning to artificial intelligence, as they can use this technology instead of human recruiters. One way is with the help of software, which helps review video interviews. Systems are able to scan human expression, word choice, and body language to evaluate candidates. It can make comparisons and draw conclusions, which favor applicants who stand a high chance of being successful at the vacant job.


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