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PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, November 20, 2019 / -- Voting Management Software Market:

Executive Summary

The election is a process in which the citizens of a country or a region decide together to choose a person to hold a particular public office position. Depending on the position, the elections may happen all through the country or in just one state or area. Voting is the method of expressing a person’s choice. Elections all over the world make use of voting systems. Votes are finally counted and the results are published. Voting management software helps make this process more transparent and chaos-free.

Such software helps with voter registration, ballot casting, counting of votes and other such voting related processes. The increase in vote tampering when votes were manually collected and counted gave way to the use of voting management software. This software will help conduct elections efficiently and transparently, without giving leeway for fraud and manipulation. The awareness people have about the election processes has also forced governments to start using such software. The increase in population has also made the need for easier voter management necessary.

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This voting management software report talks about the global, regional and individual company level analysis of the market. It goes on to pick up factors and market drivers that affect the growth of this industry. The opportunities and risks for stakeholders in this industry are identified too. Vital insider information from top players in the industry makes this report a blessing for stakeholders who want to take business related decisions. All facts are clearly explained using charts and tables and both overall and specific analysis is done.

Market key player

eBallot, Simply Voting, AssociationVoting, AVANTE Election Management System (EMS), Balloteer, Clear Ballot, electionbuddy, Election Runner, Electionware EMS, Intelivote, myDirectVote

Market Segmentation

Based on the types of voting management software available, the report considers the effects that cloud based and web based software will have. In the cloud mode, data is stored in cloud infrastructure and can also be accessed offline when needed. Web based applications exclusively use web browsers to store and access information. Based on the application, the use of such software in online and offline voting processes are discussed. This report also mentions the demand these two kinds of processes would create, the market share of each and the revenues that would be generated.

Regional Analysis

All countries around the world use voting management software to handle their election processes. Regions like North America, Europe, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia and Central and South America are a part of this study. India is the largest electorate in the world and hence is an important region that cannot be ignored when it comes to the demand for the software. The production capacity of the software in different regions is also analyzed. This report picks up key players in the market and segregates them based on their regional presence. Submarkets in these regions are also a part of the study.

Industry News

During the general elections in India in 2019, the Election Commission, along with Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) was used for the first time in the country.


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