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Zurich Connected Cars launches new advanced inventory, and loaner management platform for the US dealerships

Zurich Connected Cars was specially established to adopt connected car services for the US dealers market.

NEW YORK, USA, November 12, 2019 / -- Zurich Connected Cars, as part of the global connectivity vendor Bright Box (a member of Zurich Insurance Group since 2017), was specially established to adopt connected car services for the US dealers market. Zurich Connected Cars fully meets the requirements of US dealerships as well as maximizing operational efficiency and reducing operating costs related to inventory and loaners/rentals. Zurich Connected Cars solutions are launching across a few dealerships in a few states on the East Coast. From now on, dealerships can access plug-n-play installation of telematics solutions (less than a minute per car) and automotive-grade hardware with the lowest power consumption on the market, from the OEM-trusted Connected Car Platform.

By using Zurich Connected Cars, dealerships in New York and North Carolina can manage inventory effectively across all their locations and multiple storage lots. Zurich Connected Cars makes it possible to expedite the vehicle purchase process using real time location tracking. Utilizing Zurich Connected Cars technology allows dealers to manage the inventory across multiple storage areas and pin point the location of any vehicle within their fleet. The days when customers would have to wait a long time while dealership consultants looked for the vehicle, or the vehicle was not ready for purchase because of low fuel or a dead battery, are over. Zurich Connected Cars provides daily reports for vehicles, with required action on batteries and fuel level.

The Zurich Connected Car solution provides staff with comprehensive capabilities including automatic fuel level retrieval to know the exact amount of fuel when a customer receives or drops off a vehicle, speeding notifications promote safe driving for consumers and reduce losses. Additionally, curfew and geo-fencing alerts to ensure cars do not leave the contracted area and dealership.

Keeler Motor Car Company offers a full array of vehicles – Honda, BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, and Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vans – and services for Central and Eastern New York, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts. Keeler Motor Car Company was one of the first few customers to choose Zurich Connected Cars to provide its excellent inventory, fleet and loaner Management platform. Zurich Connected Cars delivers a turnkey platform comprised of a telematics device to be installed in the vehicles, a management portal for inventory and fleet, and a mobile app to manage on the go.

“The average dealership wastes tens of thousands of dollars per year – by not managing their new, pre-owned, and loaner vehicles effectively. Thanks to Zurich Connected Cars, dealerships can save time and money for themselves and their customers by mileage and battery notifications, fuel level tracking, and real-time location tracking”, said Zurich Connected Cars CEO Ivan Mishanin.

“Zurich Connected Cars allows us to increase vehicle availability for loan and rent, knowing the location and status of every vehicle in our fleet has optimized our process and assisted in customer satisfaction.” Jesse Hord, CEO Keeler Motor Car.

Сonnected car is a major trend in the automotive industry. Over time, a growing number of aftermarket telematics services have become available for consumers and businesses that want to add services and connectivity to cars. According to a new research report by Berg Insight, the number of active aftermarket car telematics units will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6%, from 58.7m at the end of 2018 to 150m at the end of 2023. Dealerships can experience a more efficient inventory, loaner, or fleet program with Zurich Connected Cars today.

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