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DVP Bank innovates industry development and realizes a new era of digitalization


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2019 / -- With the continuous optimization of policy, technology and application environment for the development of global blockchain, the development and application of emerging information technology are accelerating. Blockchain technology is leading the rapid economic development and the major adjustment of industrial pattern. Many developing countries have seized this major opportunity to achieve leapfrog development, and their international status has been constantly improved. As the most important application scenario of blockchain technology, blockchain financial field is full of talents, creating numerous wealth myths. Because of the birth of blockchain technology, the financial field is imperative to change!

With the advent of the Internet era, everything is changing, and the unchangeable one is the field of assets. Just simply transfering information and services to the Internet can not solve most of the problems in reality. The emergence of blockchain technology can realize the digitalization of various assets, thus greatly improving social productivity and efficiency, and create a new ecology. Blockchain technology can realize the free division, low-cost confirmation and transaction of digital assets, which is impossible for the traditional Internet mode. Because of its own characteristics, blockchain technology is the key to the confirmation, division and transaction of digital assets, as well as the infrastructure for the establishment of production relations in digital society.

DVP Bank has been dormant for a long time, and the platform mainly consists of two layers: the core layer and the service layer. The core layer builds the basic services and operation mechanism of DVP Bank based on the ETH framework, while the service layer packages the DVP Bank platform as an API interface to provide DVP Bank services.

DVP Bank is a combination of blockchain technology and digital asset management, and also an intelligent investment protocol of encrypted digital currency based on ETH. ETH is a decentralized smart contract application network using blockchain technology. Users can execute smart contracts on the public chain of ETH. The contracts are intelligent and decentralized, which solves the trust problem of the Internet and has a broader application development prospect. Using ETH public chain can reduce development cost, improve efficiency, and execute contract more efficiently, quickly and safely. DVP Bank provides high processing power and low latency data services for smart contracts. Based on ETH, DVP Bank can support millions of users in the future and has a broader market in future ecological applications.

DVP bank hopes to bring a platform for everyone's participation and equality to the world through its own technological innovation. It hopes to link various countries around the world to carry out asset transactions, link millions of merchants around the world, and set foot in the scenario application in most industries around the world, so as to expand the broader blockchain capital market and accelerate the layout of the new ecology of digital banks!

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