Naval Artillery Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2019 – 2025

New Report on Global Naval Artillery Market 2019 Edition

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, November 7, 2019 / -- Global Naval Artillery Industry

Market Overview

Artillery refers to large, heavy ranged weapons operated by the military across the world that are capable of launching different types of projectiles over large distances. The distances that are covered by these guns are much greater than what is capable of small arms operated by the infantry and other units. Artillery that is mounted on a naval ship is called naval artillery. These guns are mainly used to support troops that are on land and also for defense from other naval warships. 

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Naval artillery is available in different calibers and only includes those projectiles that are launched from tube-based weapons. Self-propelled projectiles like rockets and torpedoes are excluded from this classification. Naval artillery is capable of engaging targets over long distances and as such is used in a supporting role to cover the advance of troops. They can also be used to enforce maritime law mainly against pirates who attack in small fishing boats. The artillery is a better alternative than missiles or rockets due to the high cost involved in manufacturing these weapons and the unavailability of adequate defense systems on these boats.

Naval artillery is one of the most prominent defense systems and as such is gaining a lot of popularity in the defense sectors of prominent nations. The increase in spending by government authorities to ensure the delivery of advanced weapons systems and ammunition also ensures that the market is growing at a rapid rate and the growth is expected to be rapid in the future too. This component has been rising in popularity in all the developing nations ensuring the rapid growth of the market in the future as well.

The following manufacturers are covered:
Zavod imeni Stalina (ZiS)
BAE Systems
General Dynamics Corp
Alliant Techsystems
Mandus Group
Rheinmetall Defense

Market Segmentation

The global naval artillery market is divided into two major market segments according to the type of weapons system being used and the application that it can be used for.

Market split according to type:

Gun Turret
Fire Control System
Ammunition Handling System
Auxiliary Systems

Market split according to application:

Howitzer: They have short barrels and propel their projectiles over distances that are characterized by a deep angle of descent of the shell.
Mortar: A man-portable weapons system that launches shells in arc trajectories.
Anti-Air: It lobs shells into the air to prevent an attack or to defend against airplanes.
Rocket: It is a missile that can travel long distances to engage the target.

Regional Analysis

The report designates the United States and the United Kingdom to be crucial marketplaces for the sale of naval artillery due to the burgeoning demand for advanced weapons systems to be used in the defense of allied interests. The major regions that are covered in the report on the global naval artillery market include India, Southeast Asia, Europe, China, Japan, and North America. The report analyzes the historical data available and the prospects of the market to present the overall market size. The status and the prospect of the naval artillery market from the year 2014 to the year 2025 are comprehensively analyzed and are included in the report.

Industry News

The development of precision-guided munitions belonging to the Vulcano family has been completed by Leonardo and Diehl Defense. The ammunition is intended to be chambered for the 127mm naval guns and 155mm land artillery systems. The systems are developed under a contract with Germany and Italy. The qualification program is completed as well as compatibility tests as well are completed.

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