Solar Chimney Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2019 – 2025

New Report on Global Solar Chimney Market 2019 Edition

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Solar Chimney is a thermal chimney that is used to regulate the temperature of a building and providing ventilation by using convection of air heated by passive solar energy. Solar Chimneys are in general tall, wide structured, faces the sun with a dark-colored matt surface designed to absorb solar radiation. It is a power generating facility that converts solar radiation into kinetic energy of the moving air and is then transformed into electricity by a turbine. Transparent glazing covers the collector that heats the air mass, it then drives the warmer air into the chimney.

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The Solar Chimney provides ventilation by utilizing solar energy. It regulates the temperature and ventilation of a building. The Solar Chimney is a hollow container that connects the inside part of the building to the outside part of the building. It is very simple to heat a space using Solar Chimney and it provides a cleaner and greener environment. Solar Chimney reduces the dependency on air conditioners and saves energy. It is a natural way to improve ventilation indoors.

Solar Chimney uses solar energy which is a truly renewable energy source and it helps to conserve the balance in nature. Solar Chimney is a way to achieve an energy-efficient building design. The market for Solar Chimney will have exponential growth due to its increasing demand and the market will generate huge revenues. The Solar Chimney market has a promising future across the world. The use of Solar Chimney encourages for a cleaner and greener environment. 


The global Solar Chimney market is segmented based on type into – Small Size, Medium Size, and Large Size. The global Solar Chimney can be segmented based on application into – Commercial, Residential, and Industrial. In Residential application, Solar Chimney provides the homeowners with a natural way of improving the ventilation in the house. Moreover, it saves electricity bill and during summer it operates as a heat lowering device. It helps to utilize natural resources for domestic needs. It also reduces the consumption of gas or electricity in household ventilation. In the Industrial sector, Solar Chimneys are used to minimize operational costs. It is a cost-effective alternative to conventional air conditioners.

Regional Analysis:

 Under region, Europe and North America’s Solar Chimney market will exhibit significant growth due to its technological progress in the field of utilizing Solar Energy. Europe and North America will generate huge revenues due to the advantages of using Solar Energy. South America’s Solar Chimney market will witness considerable growth by developing techniques to utilize Solar Energy. The market of Solar Chimney in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), will witness a notable growth as adopting the latest technological advancement for conserving natural energy is increasing. The Solar Chimney market of Asia-Pacific (APAC) will see huge growth by inducing awareness towards the conservation of the environment and by utilizing the natural resources.

Industry News:  

October 03, 2019. York’s bioclimatic business building is a five-story solar chimney with smart windows and shades. It is a part of Schulich’s radical response to the climate crisis. The Schulich School of Business building is located at York University in Toronto and the light-filled space is very quiet and the air is unexpectedly fresh.

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