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A2B Hauling Beautifies Tulsa and Surrounding Areas Both Inside and Outside

More Than Just Helping with Junk Removal and Hauling, A2B Hauling Offers “Same Day Service” on Its Dumpsters, Decorated by Local Artists

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2019 / -- Except on TV and in movies, nearly every living and working space in America is littered with excess stuff: old clothing, broken or unwanted appliances, dilapidated and worn out furniture, unneeded files, not to mention once-prized possessions we haven’t touched in many years.

The solution is to call for a dumpster, like the kind offered by A2B Hauling. But unlike run-of-the-mill dumpsters, those provided by A2B Hauling come with some important differences:

They come when you want them. A2B Hauling specializes in same-day service, so when you get the urge to clear out some junk, you can be following through on your urge within hours.

You have the choice of paying for junk-clearing help, or doing it all yourself. A2B Hauling will help you sort through and remove all your junk, if you ask them to. But if you prefer, you can simply rent one of their dumpsters and fill it on your own, without paying people to carry your stuff for you.

A2B Hauling’s highly-trained drivers can position your dumpster precisely where you want it: on your driveway but out of the way of your vehicles, on your lawn (some damage from the heavy dumpster may occur), or on the street (permit required).

Their dumpsters are beautiful. A2B Hauling hires local artists to paint the outsides of their containers with visuals celebrating the Tulsa metropolitan area. Rusty metal eyesores are no longer a necessary part of eliminating your unwanted junk.

Their dumpsters are large, each one is rated at 15 cubic yards of material and capable of carrying as much as 8,000 pounds of items you no longer wish to keep.
You pay only for the dumpster volume you actually fill with your unwanted stuff. After the minimum charge, which allows you to dump about 4 cubic yards of material, you pay by volume, not for unused portion of a half-empty dumpster.

Keep it as long as you like. A2B Hauling’s minimum charge gives you a full week to move your stuff into the dumpster. But if you need more time, the cost per extra day is just $5.

These are among the many reasons that A2B Hauling has become Tulsa’s favorite service to help clean out garages, homes, yards, and businesses, getting rid of the big bulky items like furniture, unwanted appliances, equipment and machinery that people can't easily dump on their own. The company serves areas outside of Tulsa, as well, but imposes a small “trip charge” to cover the additional mileage costs involved.

Their dumpsters hold about 15 cubic yards of material, more than enough to accommodate most people’s junk removal needs.

Their highly trained teams are also quick and convenient. Proven faster than any of their competitors to arrive, remove your unwanted items, and depart, A2B Hauling’s quickness means they need only about an hour or less to transfer everything a customer no longer wants into one of their artfully-decorated dumpsters. Their convenience means that during those few minutes that the A2B Hauling team is hefting your unwanted stuff into their dumpster, you can be quietly contemplating whether to keep that old sofa or move it into the garage, rec room, or somewhere else.

A2B Hauling is also more respectful of the environment than others. Rather than just automatically dump everything in the dumpster into the nearest landfill, the company takes all the contents of its dumpsters to a transfer company that carefully and expertly recycles everything that can possibly be re-used, and then dumps only the legitimate waste remaining.

With all these features in its favor, it’s no wonder that after five years in the business, A2B Hauling has already chalked up more than 200 reviews awarding the company a 5-star rating – the highest rating possible.

Next time you get tired of looking a bulky, heavy items you no longer want in your home, garage, yard, or business, let A2B Hauling solve your “excess items” problem quickly, efficiently, conveniently, and inexpensively.

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