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Divorce Lawyer Selection Made Easy with Divorce Protector's New E-book.

Divorce Protector book cover.

How to hire a lawyer

The new e-book Divorce Protector teaches how to use technology, research and payment options to interview, hire and pay the best divorce lawyer for your needs.

Saving mankind one husband at a time.”
— Thaddeus Thorn

OAK ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, November 7, 2019 / -- Divorce Protector's new e-book written by ex-husbands for husbands teaches men how to use computer resources to research and select the best divorce lawyer in the area. "Most people ask friends and family the name of a divorce lawyer to hire. That is about the worst advice a man can get. Your lawyer must be your partner, personalities and trial experience are critical," said the author Thaddeus Thorn. The Divorce Protector e-book shows men how to research experience levels, what interview questions to ask as well as other characteristics that may be required. The e-book will suggest alternative payment arrangements that are affordable for you and yet fair for the divorce lawyer.

If you have to choose a divorce lawyer proper selection will be the most important choice you make. Since these are contract services, you are not bound by employment restrictions. You are completely free to choose the desired characteristics and skill sets you need. Lawyers, just like any other skilled service provider, are not all equal. The talent varies widely in quality and no matter how thorough you have been using the techniques that Divorce Protector teaches, unprepared, unskilled or inexperienced lawyers can wreck your efforts and destroy your life. The new e-book shows men how to do document assembly, bates number evidence and complete tedious paper work that will save thousands of dollars in legal charges. The e-book Divorce Protector and coaching services will even teach you how to use conflict checks to delay and control your ex-spouses lawyer selection.

You must have a plan to meet the critical challenges of the family court system. The Divorce Protector e-book offers the only known step by step action plan written by trial experienced ex-husbands for husbands. From chapter 2's emergency response The First 24 to 72 Hours, through selecting a lawyer to control the narrative and pave a road for the judge, this book provides men step by step instructions. You will learn how to answer interrogatories, utilize intelligence operations and non-bank assets to protect your financial resources. The book recommends the type of computer equipment and software that will be necessary for trial preparation. This new e-book contains over 200 pages of tactical information.

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