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Gifty Aidoo, Nurse Practitioner Says: She Experienced Years Of Therapy With One Ketamine Infusion

Gifty Aidoo, Nurse Practitioner runs a ketamine infusion clinic in Fremont, CA

Gifty Aidoo, Nurse Practitioner

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Ketamine is an FDA approved drug used to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. Ketamine also treats emotional trauma and feelings of grief

FREMONT, CA, USA, October 20, 2019 / -- Nurse Practitioner Gifty Aidoo had her first experience with a Ketamine infusion in her 40s. As a nurse, she understood the research and efficacy of ketamine on the nervous system, but she wasn’t prepared for the results it brought her.

After years of struggling with depression and emotional set backs, Gifty discovered ketamine infusions. She wanted to share this discovery with her patients, so she underwent an educational and clinical program so that she could provide ketamine infusions. Ketamine is given through an intravenous line to patients who qualify. Gifty understands what a revolutionary medication ketamine has the potential to be and has the ability to help so many of her clients once they know more about it as an option. Gifty and her physician collaborator administer the ketamine infusion in a safe, secure place surrounded by skilled and compassionate staff.

In her own words, after 3 ketamine infusions that she received over a period of time, Gifty was able to burn through a tremendous amount of grief and trauma that she had internalized and tried to hide for so long. Gifty says after her first infusion she felt like she could finally breathe again, she was no longer in fight or flight mode. After her third treatment, she was finally able to laugh and smile again. Her children were so surprised to hear Gifty laugh, because for years, she was lost in her head. She was in a fog walking around like a ghost. Her children said she hadn’t been around for years, and now she was back.

Gifty says she is back on track to repair the damage to her soul and to her children. The ketamine infusion gave her clarity and focus, and the weight that has been lifted allowed her the ability to breathe again.

Gifty recently opened her own ketamine clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area so she can help anyone who is suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression or even emotional impaction. Ketamine can help not only with improving mental health, but it also can help you grow spiritually, expand your consciousness and connect you to the universe in a way that is intense, profound and revelatory.

Ketamine is an FDA approved medication that is administered through an intravenous infusion. Ketamine must be given by a skilled practitioner who can guide the journey and provide you valuable insights along the way because you will find your deepest vulnerabilities surface. This process may allow you to heal. An experience like ketamine can be transformative beyond words.

Gifty Aidoo, Nurse Practitioner
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