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Superior HVAC Prepares for Ban of R22 Refrigerant in Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning Systems

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HVAC contractors at Superior HVAC are taking the initiative to be fully prepared for changes that are coming in 2020 from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Providing excellent products and superior service has always been our #1 priority. As we prepare for this regulation change, our goal is to educate homeowners on why this change is happening.”
— Andrew Young
HOUSTON, TX, USA, October 12, 2019 / -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put into place a ban on all the importing and production of R22 refrigerant. It is otherwise referred to as HCFC-22, and it is currently used in older heat pumps and air conditioners in the United States. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2020. The team of licensed and certified HVAC contractors at HVAC Superior in Texas wants residents to know that they are buckling down and getting ready for the changes ahead.

In most air conditioning systems and heat pumps built and installed before the year 2010, R22 refrigerant was used during the making of the equipment. It is considered to be affordable and relatively efficient, but it's not the best decision environmentally to keep using it. The EPA has labeled it as an ozone-depleting substance (ODS), resulting in the ban.

Superior HVAC wants to be prepared for what's to come as a result of the prohibition. They are taking all the steps necessary to serve homeowners through this process as well as helping to avoid any unnecessary issues. It will still be legal to use heating and cooling systems that already have the R22 freon in it. However, there will be a different method implemented when repairs or maintenance are required.

Currently, the prices of R22 are on the rise and will continue to increase until the ban is put in place. Those prices will affect the cost of routine ac maintenance and repairs because the HVAC contractors are paying more. Additionally, warranties on existing systems could potentially be voided because of using an alternative refrigerant in place of the R22 freon. Some homeowners could even find themselves in a position where a completely new heating or air conditioning system will have to be purchased.

The HVAC technicians at Superior HVAC Houston are in the process of obtaining all of the data surrounding the new law. They are reviewing all of their research to come up with the best plan of action for assisting customers through the transition. Depending on the type of air conditioner or heat pump installed in Texas homes and businesses, they have discovered that for some, a system replacement could be the best option. While it costs a little more upfront, they are learning that it will give their customers a less expensive, longer-lasting unit. New ac installations in Houston provide quicker cooling with a quieter performance. The carbon footprint is lower, too, which is what the EPA is aiming for. New units also come with new warranties and can cut up to 40% off of utility bills, depending on the age and design of the existing systems.

For those clients that can't afford an air conditioner or heat pump replacement right away, Superior HVAC is experimenting with alternative refrigerants. It's a short-term solution, but an effective way to keep systems operational until something new can be afforded. Some of the AC refrigerants that they are considering to use as replacements include R-404A, R-438A, and R-407A. These freons can keep systems fully operational, but they are less efficient. Also, warranties often don't cover issues after a replacement refrigerant has been used.

Superior HVAC isn't pushing their customers to purchase a new air conditioning system or heat pump right away. They do want everyone to be aware of the possibilities that are to come with the new law in place. When emergency ac repairs in Houston are required, they won't be able to use the same R22 freon as before. The team has discovered that drop-in replacements using alternative refrigerants can be used, but it could be a more significant project than what it was previously. That's because these refrigerants can't simply be swapped out without doing major modifications to the existing units.

Each type of freon operates at different pressures, so there are vital changes to the engineering required to ensure that safe and effective functioning is still possible with the replacement. The team of experienced HVAC contractors are confident in their abilities to make these proper retrofits. They just want their customers to be aware that it could cost more for the adjustments than what it would to purchase a new system.

To prevent these expensive repairs and replacements of heat pumps and cooling systems, Superior HVAC is urging local residents to get routine maintenance now. By catching any small issues right away through regular inspections, the more expensive retrofitting and complete replacements can be avoided, at least for the near future.

Most new ac systems have already been designed with the more eco-friendly refrigerant alternatives. If you're not sure about your heat pump or air conditioning unit meeting the criteria for the new law, Superior HVAC encourages you to contact them at your convenience. They are making appointments now for complete inspections. They can give you answers about what will happen in the event of an emergency repair. You can also get help with deciding if a replacement for your outdated equipment might be the better alternative.

For more information on the ban and to discover how it will affect you, visit Superior HVAC's website or email info@superiorhvactexas.

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