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Traffic ticket experts,, unveil improvements on red light and red light camera ticket dismissal services

There is a common misconception that these red-light cameras have been turned off or that the tickets originated from these cameras are invalid… This is not true; they are legal traffic tickets.”
— Steven F. Miller, President/CEO,
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2019 / --, California’s traffic ticket experts, today announced new improvements to their red-light ticket dismissal services. Red light ticket (CVC 21453) and red light camera ticket (CVC 21455.5) are some of the most expensive traffic tickets in California, costing upwards of $500 each in penalties and fees. The Los Angeles-based ticket dismissal service,, has released improvements to their red-light ticket dismissal services to help clients in California.

Local police municipalities contract for-profit camera corporations to install and operate red-light cameras throughout California. Red light camera violations have become a huge revenue source for both the private company and the state government. Most people don’t realize that these cameras must follow strict rules and guidelines, otherwise the issued tickets can be dismissed. Through thousands of red light ticket dismissals, has developed several different defenses to fight these red-light camera tickets.

“There is a common misconception that people think that these red light cameras have been turned off and that the red light camera tickets are not valid tickets … This is not true; they are legal traffic tickets. While LA city has turned off their cameras years ago, all other cities in Los Angeles county have legal red light cameras. So if you get one you must deal with it or it will end up on your driving record.” - Steven F. Miller, Founder/CEO, can also help with red light tickets written in person by a police officer. When presented with a red-light ticket by an officer, it is important to recall the circumstances of the infraction. has developed an improved methodology for contesting red-light tickets based on various scenarios. The burden of proof is on the officer and developing a winning argument with these circumstances in mind is essential for ticket dismissal.

Due to the unique and extenuating factors involving red light traffic tickets, often beats the ticket regardless of circumstances. Using the Trial by Written Declaration process, can help drivers contest red light traffic violations of all kind, whether caught by a camera or a police officer.

GetDismissed is a web-based legal document assistant that has helped thousands of California drivers quickly and inexpensively prepare the necessary paperwork to contest and dismiss their traffic tickets through the Trial by Written Declaration process. The recipient of a 2016/2017 “Best of Los Angeles Award,” GetDismissed is a web-based application and is also available for all Apple and Android based phones in the App and Play stores respectively. The site and app work for most California traffic tickets, including speeding, red light, sign infractions, cell phone use, among others. Contact:
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