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Fusion HVAC deal targets growing international market for ultra-intelligent, high-efficiency air-conditioning

Kev Harris, Founder and CEO, Fusion HVAC

Fusion HVAC's Modulair™ system

Gavin Dietz, CEO, Wattwatchers

Wattwatchers cloud-connected electricity monitoring and control devices will boost the continuous optimisation of performance

This decision is highly strategic. It means we can keep stepping up to new levels of intelligence and efficiency, allowing our solutions to evolve and keep raising the bar in our industry.”
— Kev Harris, Founder and CEO, Fusion HVAC
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, September 11, 2019 / -- Data-driven technology company Wattwatchers Digital Energy has closed its first major OEM integration deal with another highly-innovative Australian-based group, Fusion HVAC.

In addition to the hardware component of the deal, Wattwatchers also will facilitate the development of enhanced analytics software capabilities for Fusion HVAC, supporting it to customise modular solutions that will ‘grow smarter organically’, including using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Brisbane-based Fusion HVAC specialises in Modulair™ ductless air-conditioning for large-volume built spaces – think ‘big box’ retail stores including IKEA, sports centres and industrial storage facilities such as climate-controlled pharmaceutical warehouses. Its business model is based on continuous research and development, which has resulted in many new technologies including the world’s largest motorised swirl diffusers, international patents for its various Modulair™ systems, and innovative controls strategies.

Fusion HVAC develops sophisticated proprietary algorithms, designs its cutting-edge solutions, has them manufactured in China and Australia, deploys them for its customers – currently mainly in Australia, New Zealand and China, but with ambitious further international expansion now underway – and then remotely manages ongoing performance via 100-plus data measurements.

Kev Harris, founder and CEO of Fusion HVAC, said that the deal with Wattwatchers provided a package of solutions – hardware, cellular communications uplink for energy and also other performance data, remote control functionality and ongoing software development – that would underpin further growth in Australasia, and planned international expansion.

‘Fusion HVAC already partners with some of the world’s leading brands in the air-conditioning space, such as Daikin Global and Temperzone, and we welcome this opportunity to forge a new relationship with Wattwatchers,’ said Harris.

This is a great new partnership for Fusion HVAC, and I believe for Wattwatchers as well, because our respective technologies and business models are highly complementary. For Fusion HVAC, effective mixing and distribution of the air, plus smart controls, are the secret behind it all, and the addition of Wattwatchers monitoring data, cloud connectivity and remote control capabilities will further leverage our systems’ superior performance. This decision is highly strategic. It means we can keep stepping up to new levels of intelligence and efficiency, allowing our solutions to evolve and keep raising the bar in our industry.’

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz said the deal with Fusion HVAC was a frontrunner for a significant growth path for his Sydney-based technology scale-up company, based on Wattwatchers device-and-data solutions being built into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offerings.

‘Fusion is a great word for this partnership,’ said Dietz. ‘This deal is all about how the Wattwatchers AuditorⓇ devices will be integrated inside the Modulair™ custom air-conditioning units, including installation at manufacture, and then for shipment with them wherever they go in the world.’

‘The innovation at Fusion HVAC is really exciting. Their systems are enjoying ever increasing demand from bluechip commercial, medical and industrial customers, especially as deployment is so fast and streamlined, and can even happen overnight without interrupting trade. A memorable example late last year saw Fusion HVAC install 2.2MW of air-conditioning capacity at a single site in just four hours, with a helicopter being used to drop in some of the 16 modules, each weighing about three tonnes.’

Fusion HVAC will be deploying the latest models of Wattwatchers AuditorⓇ devices, with 3G/4G cellular communications, up to six channels of monitoring, Modbus RTU to integrate with PLCs (programmable logic controllers), and two switches for remote control of circuit-based loads.


Fusion HVAC strives to provide exceptional energy efficiency and high levels of comfort to all commercial HVAC applications, including the mass market. By having developed and patented outstanding energy savings solutions that enhance indoor air quality and comfort, and that largely provide paybacks of less than one year, we have made sustainability not only comfortable and healthy, but also the financially most desirable option. Founded in 2008, Fusion HVAC is best known for its Fusion ModulairⓇ solutions – patented HVAC systems that fuse ductless design with specialist air diffusion and enhanced energy efficiency into modular HVAC for large spaces. More information at:


Wattwatchers Digital Energy is an award-winning Australian technology company focused on devices, data and communications to make behind-the-meter energy management intelligent, connected, easy to install and operate, and cost-effective. Based in Sydney, Wattwatchers develops and markets ‘IoT for energy’ hardware + firmware + software solutions to accurately monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real-time through the cloud. The internationally-certified Wattwatchers product suite is highly flexible, crossing over for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases; and works with an expanding choice of cloud platforms, software applications and consumer interfaces. More information at:

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Helicopter-assisted installation of Fusion HVAC systems