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Crystal Ball Expert Robin VerCande to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GRASS LAKE, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 2, 2019 / -- When most of us imagine a crystal ball reader we think of a flamboyant gypsy hunched over a ball or how the Wicked Witch of the West used it to spy on Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of OZ. But in reality a crystal ball reading shows glimpses of your life and loved ones, offering us genuine insight and guidance to many of life’s unanswered questions. One particularly exceptional woman’s path led her to be the world’s foremost expert on reading crystals. She is not a phony as portrayed on film, but rather a genuine human being with a passion for helping others.

Robin is an ordained Minister, Public Speaker, past life regression, Reiki practitioner, and the world’s leading expert on crystal ball readings.

“The crystal ball reveals powerful images and symbols about love, career, health and happiness,” says Robin. “My mission is to truly help people in the ways they genuinely need to be guided.”

Since she was a young child Robin sensed she had miraculous psychic abilities. When her family began to realize Robin’s extraordinary gifts her mom enrolled her in all types of “New Age” classes. At twelve, Robin completed A Course in Miracles, at thirteen years old she began reading Tarot cards for others and leading younger children in guided meditations through the Unity Church, and at fifteen she was enthusiastically exploring crystals and gemstones. But it was the clear quartz crystal that literally intrigued and truly “spoke to her.” With her clear quartz crystal ball, which radiates high vibrational energy and positivity, Robin helps clients connect with their spirit guides and get answers to life’s most important questions.

“Although I do Reiki, spiritual readings, and tarot cards my favorite way to read is by using a crystal ball,” says Robin. “If you look online and research crystal ball reading it will describe scrying but that’s completely different from the work I do. My specialty is crystallomancy which is a very ancient practice of divining the past, present, and future. I also do soul counseling so when I’m doing a reading if someone is really struggling and overwhelmed I tap into their best selves and their guides show me the most effective ways they can move forward in life.”

The clear quartz crystal balls Robin uses has a lot of distinct markings with a few lines and a little bit of cloudiness. Robin taps into where we are all connected and whoever she’s reading for. Their spirit guides will talk to her spirit guides and show her pictures within the markings inside the crystal ball. When Robin looks into the ball a picture forms and she then informs them precisely what she sees.

“Most of the people who seek me out have lost so much hope,” says Robin. “Many are nervous that their readings will not be to their liking but your spirit guide wants you so desperately to love yourself and to have the most optimal life. So everyone should expect the best to come through in their reading.”

According to Robin, when you make wishes you should always say ‘I wish for this or better.’ Because what we hope for is not always what is best for us. There can always be better. As a medium and psychic Robin doesn’t claim to see someone’s whole entire life, rather she sees snapshots of what their spirt guide wishes to reveal. It’s critical to recognize that our Spirit guides are extremely gentle and will provide a reading that’s enlightening and promising, helping people find deep solace and comfort assuring them that their loved ones are alive and happy on the other side, sometimes including animals and our beloved pets. According to Robin, those that have passed are still continuing to learn and grow so our souls are continually evolving.

“The whole notion of “going back home” after our lives are done on Earth is really about going where we belong and where we are loved the most,” says Robin.

Robin also does past life regressions. This is done through a gentle meditation not hypnosis. You are aware of what’s going on and will be able to do this meditation on your own afterwards to find more details.

“My passionate hope is that people who are so boggled down with anxiety will find peace and healing,” says Robin. “If you can sit down with your authentic self that possesses no guilt, shame, or any negative emotions whatsoever and you ask your authentic self what they would like you to know you will discover how deeply you are loved. We are all loved.”

CUTV news will feature Robin VerCande in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on September 4th 2019 at 3 p.m. EST

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