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New Podcast for Actors Hits ‘Top & Trending’ list on Messy

Podcast - Publicity For Actors

Podcast - Publicity For Actors

Podcast - Publicity For Actors

Podcast - Publicity For Actors

Podcast - Publicity For Actors

Podcast - Publicity For Actors

Nationwide Podcast and Program Launched in August to Teach actors How to Build a thriving Career in the fast growing New Mexico Market.

As we grow the industry in New Mexico, our actors are competing for larger roles with actors all over the world, and booking them!”
— Carissa Mitchell
ALBUQUERQUE, NM, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2019 / -- Lot’s of people dream of show business, but entrepreneur turned actor Keith Allen West lives the dream mentoring actors and filmmakers through his new podcast. Publicity for Actors focuses on career management for actors and content creators on West used his small business and marketing skills to launch an acting career just 14 months ago, and he is already eligible to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA).

The podcast has released three episodes. Each week West discusses ways to use Public Relation in an actors career and has special guests like Mitchell & Associates Talent owner Carissa Mitchell.

In larger markets, like Los Angeles and New York, actor career development is handled by a manager that will take 15 percent or more of an actors income. New Mexico has no managers or management companies and only four SAG-AFTRA UnionTalent Agents in what has become a fast growing market.

“As we grow the industry in New Mexico, our actors are competing for larger roles with actors all over the world, and booking them!” said Carissa Mitchell owner of the SAG-AFTRA Franchised talent agency Mitchell & Associates Talent, “I want my actors to stand out for the professional skills, experience and talent that they have been honing for years."

The idea for the program came when West started listening to podcasts that other actors had to teach people how to grow careers. He found most of these left off things that actors needed to know about business and especially did not cover the ways things work in New Mexico.

“I believe that talent is not something that is simply discovered – it requires hard work, vision, cultivation, dedication, and the personalized attention we provide,” said West, “We ensure our actors have the best Marketing and Branding to secure the most lucrative jobs in the entertainment industry,”

West uses an online portal and in-personal meetings to teach the skills that creatives like actors and filmmakers need to compete on the global entertainment market. Publicity for Actors has programs ranging from $29 a month for online tools and materials to $499 a month for those needing celebrity level social media management. The website also offers a free membership level where he shares New Mexico film and tv news.

“When I started acting I realized my journalism and marketing experience gave me a huge advantage over most actors,” West said, “It is hard to find people teaching the business side of succeeding in film and tv in a market like New Mexico.”

New Mexico has plenty of quality schools and coaches that focus on how to act for the camera at places like the freshly launched New Mexico Actors Co-op, SOL Acting Academy and Albuquerque Actors Studio. Once actors have the skills to act, they have to get an agent and then book auditions. That can be a long and confusing process unless you have the skills to stand out.

The Podcast and Program will cover topics like:
-Replicate successful career steps used by others in New Mexico
-Plan the right networking events to attend
-Use effective self promotion to quickly grow your career
-Understand financial tracking, budgeting and accounting for actors
-Analyze and recognize criteria of good headshot photography
-Create a resume for television and film acting
-Formulate a marketable image and “brand”
-Evaluate agencies and create a realistic target list for representation
-Develop a target list of other industry professionals
-Assess and compare industry showcases
-Identify and utilize industry news sites and other online support technologies
-Explain the importance of industry relationships
-Classify and compare available training options within the industry
-Develop and apply a marketing plan
-Formulate a short term and long term career management plan

For more information on Publicity for Actors visit or contact Keith Allen West at 505-225-2827 or

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