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RC's Plumbing Company Suggests Best Ways to Find an Expert, Qualified Plumbing Contractor

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RC Plumbing in Austin

RC Plumbing in Austin

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RC's Plumbing Company Saves You Time and Money When Looking for a Contractor to Solve Your Plumbing Problems

Had trouble finding a reliable plumber. Allstate plumbing had a four day wait my toilet vale was leaking go figure. RC’ s plumbing came out within 3 hours. Justin did an awesome JOB.”
— Armando - Austin, TX
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2019 / -- Whenever you move to a new neighborhood, one of the issues you know you will face sooner or later is the inevitable and important question: “Who should I call to fix a plumbing problem?”

RC's Plumbing Company is happy to suggest several methods that will likely get you a reliable, satisfactory answer:

Can I Trust Word of Mouth?

Word of mouth can sometimes be the most accurate way to identify an expert, honest plumber. But RC's Plumbing Company cautions that the accuracy and value of the recommendation often depends on the source.

Neighbors and local friends who have been fooled by a smooth-talking plumber may recommend someone who knows very little or does sloppy work. For this reason, don’t take word of mouth recommendations from people who have used that plumber only once, and particularly if they first used that plumber only a short time ago.

Instead, give more credence to the word of mouth recommendation from a friend or neighbor who has relied on the same plumber for many years, and has found that the work stands up to the test of time.

Can I Trust Reviews and Ratings?

The internet is full of web sites that offer reviews and recommendations of plumbers (as well as other trades people). Some of these sites may offer good clues to a plumber’s ability, but RC's Plumbing Company wants you to know there can be problems with this approach.

For example, nearly every review site will contain several entries that praise a given plumber to the skies. But look a little longer and you’ll usually find that the same site contains a few recommendations that warn everyone away from that very same plumber.

Obviously, both sets of recommendations cannot be totally true.

One possibility is that the plumber’s actual on-the-job performance is spotty: pleasing to some customers and displeasing to others. Another possibility is that rival plumbers have tweaked the recommendations so as to cast doubts on the plumber you are researching.

Another problem with online reviews and ratings is that some of these sites may be less than completely reliable. A site may take money in return for favorable reviews, or may have been set up give only positive reviews. Any low-traffic web site could even be slanted to favor a particular vendor. It’s worthwhile to trust recommendations only from high-traffic web sites with well-established reputations to protect.

If you’re going to rely on impersonal online reviews and ratings, RC's Plumbing Company suggests that you place most of your trust in the averages, not the highest highs or the lowest lows.

Can I Trust Local Plumbers in Austin Searches?

Another use of the internet – like the old-school Yellow Pages before it – is simply to search for local plumbers and try to evaluate each one based on their own words about themselves.

RC's Plumbing Company readily admits that this can work for you, but only if you are a fairly good judge of character and craftsmanship entirely on your own.

If you go this route, you’ll want to look for a plumber whose self-description hits the hot buttons you’re looking for. These may include such considerations as: “on time” arrivals, “low cost” pricing, “high quality” workmanship, years of experience, or “lifetime” guarantees of satisfaction.

Can I Trust My Own Selection?

Once you zero in on plumbers who “seem” qualified to you, RC's Plumbing Company counsels that it’s wise to make a call and actually talk to someone at each firm. Do they seem knowledgeable? Are they courteous and motivated to satisfy you? How does their pricing compare to your expectations, and to the pricing of other plumbers you call?

In addition, RC's Plumbing Company suggests it’s smart to consider a plumber’s length of time in the business, whether or not they are licensed and insured, the guarantees they offer (if any), and their pricing. Note that the lowest-price plumber may not deliver the best work or the greatest satisfaction.

It’s generally a good idea to contact three or more different plumbers before you choose one. This way, you can compare their answers to your key questions about timing, cost, experience, guarantees, and whatever else is important to you. With three sets of answers, you can usually choose among important differences and find a reasonably good fit for your needs.

Can I Make a Good Recommendation?

Once you’ve hired a plumber and experienced their work first hand, you may be in a position to make worthwhile recommendations to friends and family you ask you for the name of a good plumber.

But RC's Plumbing Company makes clear that you should give others a favorable recommendation about the plumber you’ve hired only if you feel good about, and remain satisfied with, his or her work for many months or even a year after it’s complete.

RC's Plumbing Company in Austin is happy to be part of your search for a qualified plumber. Not only are its plumbers fully trained, equipped, licensed, insured, and otherwise prepared to provide any plumbing equipment and services you may need, they regularly receive excellent word of mouth recommendations from highly satisfied customers throughout Williamson County.

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