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Trust our experienced technicians for 24-hour service

Trust our experienced technicians for 24-hour service! The fully qualified and knowledgeable technicians in Athens come to you 24 hours a day.

ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 2, 2019 / -- Our company ( is the most reliable in the field of home and business repairs with many years of experience. Our well-trained team is able to perform any demanding job. Our main advantage is that we are at your service 24 hours a day in any area of Athens and Greece.

Did you realize late at night that an important appliance such as a refrigerator and kitchen in your home or business is not working? You no longer have to worry about it. With just a phone call one of our technicians will come to your place as soon as possible, equipped with the right tools to figure out where the damage comes from in order to deal with it effectively.

The 40 and more different technicians we have in our company will definitely help you find the one you need. We have specialities such as electricians (ilektrologos Athina), plumbers, refrigerators, TV technicians, kitchen technicians, antenna technicians and many more. Our credibility and consistency with the client we work with are our key characteristics and have made us dominant in the field of services.

Athens Electricians – Electrical damage

Looking for an electrician in your area? Calling the company 24 hours Athens Electrician an experienced member of our team will come in a few hours to your space to solve any kind of electrical problem that has arisen in your home or business.

Too often, problems related to electrical work in your area can occur all of a sudden, without any warning. Indeed, when talking about a company with a plethora of machines, such a problem can be catastrophic. Damage can happen at any time of the day, and our experienced technicians are here to assist you 24 hours a day.

Our company of experienced electricians in Athens serves from its headquarters in Patision 128 all over Athens and all central areas of Athens and central districts of Athens such as Syntagma and Patisia.

The fully qualified and knowledgeable electricians in Athens come to you 24 hours a day to provide you with high quality services and relevant technical support on electrical issues.

Sporadon 9, Athina 113 61
21 0365 2424

Athens Plumber

The 24 hour Athens Plumbing Company (ydraulikos Athina) is always at your side just with one phone call, ready to solve any technical problem. Our services include home and store services from the smallest house to the biggest business or organization.

With responsibility to the customer, we undertake:

• Bathroom Plumbing Installations Athens
• Kitchen Plumbing Services Athens
• Natural Gas Installation Athens
• Installation of gas boilers Athens
• Installation of oil boilers Athens
• Autonomous Heating Installation Athens
• Central Heating Installation Athens
• Installation of Inox Chimneys Athens
• Guttering Athens
• Installation of automatic watering systems Athens
• Plumbing fixtures Athens
• Installation of solar water heater Athens
• Installation of electric water heater Athens
• Heating installation Athens
• Installation of water filters Athens
• Water and heating plants Athens

Peiraias Plumber - Plumbing Renovations

Our experienced plumbers in Peiraias (ydraulikos Peiraias) have years of experience in the field and handle incidents in any area, wherever you are. In addition, we provide complete solutions with complete professionalism, immediacy and respect to our prospective client.

To renovate your bathroom, we take the following actions with professional plumbers in Peiraias:

• Total dismantling of your old bathroom, tile waxing, sanitary waxing, battery waxing Peiraias
• Careful removal of rails Peiraias
• Installation of new water pipes Peiraias
• Installation of new sewer pipes Peiraias
• Replace the electrical installation in the bathroom if needed
• Cement mortar on the bathroom floor Peiraias
• Plastering of walls and realization of the necessary work for the installation of tiles Peiraias
• Placing tiles on the floor and wall Peiraias
• Installation of new sanitary ware Peiraias
• Installation of new batteries (washbasin, bathtub, shower) Peiraias
• Mounting radiator Peiraias
• Painting of ceilings and blank surfaces (wall without tile) Peiraias

Contact us and discuss with us whatever your problem is. We guarantee that we will find the best solution for you.

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