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Christian Publisher Unveils Subscription-Based, Collaborative Marketing Tool

Logos Publications, LLC introduces Catch Fire, a marketing tool for both indie and traditionally published authors of Christian fiction and nonfiction books.


Christian publisher, Logos Publications, LLC, recently unveiled a subscription-based, collaborative approach to book marketing, designed to appeal to both indie and traditionally published authors of Christian fiction and nonfiction titles. Catch Fire is the brainchild of Logos’s founder and CEO, JP Robinson.

Unlike traditional marketing plans, which aim to endorse an individual author, Catch Fire promotes a website (URL is to be announced) which will feature the books of Catch Fire subscribers. The site will be a virtual catalog of Christian-themed books that are organized by the book’s genre and the last name of each subscriber.

Catch Fire integrates two trending aspects of business: subscription purchase and crowdfunding. In a sort of crowdfunding approach, each participating author pays $19.99 per month—part of which goes into a marketing pool which will fund advertising costs of the entire site. Readers of various Christian genres will be targeted with online and physical ads, with the goal of driving traffic to the site. Once there, readers will be free to easily browse titles in their preferred genre.

Each author-subscriber is asked to share the link to the Catch Fire website with his or her followers, and to promote it via their mailing lists and websites. As each author shares information with followers, the odds of every subscriber making a sale increases.

“The goal,” says Robinson, “is to get authors of Christian-themed literature to work together. When we serve each other, instead of ourselves, everyone benefits.”

Robinson’s vision goes beyond just listing author’s books to actively promoting the site across advertising platforms.
“Part of my company’s mission is to connect authors and readers. There’s an incredible amount of undiscovered talent out there. Catch Fire will change that,” says Robinson.

How will subscription-based collaborative marketing help undiscovered authors?

Each month individual authors will be selected to be featured on the main page of the Catch Fire website with the goal of featuring all authors in a timely manner. As each author shares their featured article with fans, overall traffic to the site is projected to increase, resulting in more potential sales.

Catch Fire goes beyond sales to developing a sense of community. All subscribers will have the option of becoming a reviewer of other author-subscribers. Each time an author plans to unveil a new book, he or she can reach out to fellow subscribers—the Catch Fire community— for reviews of advanced reader copies. This unique approach provides authors with the opportunity to launch a book with numerous reviews already recorded on Amazon and other popular retailers.

Robinson emphasized that the actual books will not be sold on the Catch Fire website. Rather, each image will be linked to the online retailer of each author’s choice, thus preventing the violation of exclusive selling rights demanded by many self-publishing programs.

Logos Publications is currently accepting subscribers for Catch Fire and is offering the additional incentive of three (3) free months of listing services to all authors who join by September 30, 2019. While Catch Fire officially begins on January 1, 2020, authors who subscribe by the deadline will have their books listed from October 1, 2019 at no additional cost.

Logos Publications's newest initiative reflects a growing demand among indie authors for recognition. As the number of self-published titles on platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing continue to skyrocket, authors will turn to innovative platforms such as Catch Fire to reach more potential readers.

Robinson aims to use his subscription-based model to connect with various niches of the self-publishing industry, providing maximum exposure for his clients. While Logos Publications, LLC will continue to offer publishing services—including à la carte services such as cover design, book trailers and editing—the organization’s immediate focus is to provide marketing services to authors of Christian-themed literature.

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