Ipro Releases New Desktop Offering Combining eDiscovery and Trial Software

eDiscovery Unplugged: BigLaw Power, Small Firm Overhead. Ipro for Desktop.

eDiscovery Unplugged: BigLaw Power, Small Firm Overhead

This all-in-one litigation platform ingests native files, manages review, & produces documents directly into the case management & trial presentation tools.

Ipro for desktop simply levels the playing field for small firms against the bigger players in any type of case.”
— Julie Laboe, expert eDiscovery consultant and trainer
TEMPE, AZ, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Ipro Tech, LLC, a global leader in eDiscovery and Trial software technology, announced today the release of its desktop deployed Ipro solution. Ipro for desktop runs in a dynamic dashboard that launches different modules in a stack and seamlessly flows data through the different phases of litigation: case management, administration, processing, review, fact management, and trial presentation with TrialDirector 360®. With this true all-in-one litigation platform, you can effortlessly manage reviews, unitize documents, ingest native files, and produce documents.

“A lot of hard work has gone into this release, and we’re excited to showcase the product and all its capabilities,” said Derek Miller, VP of Desktop Solutions at Ipro. “Our development sprints included valuable feedback from our customers, and this release has many of the features and functions our users want. We look forward to continuing these relationships to develop and build the best purpose-built litigation solution on the market.”

--BigLaw Power, Small Firm Overhead

Ipro for desktop is an eDiscovery solution that easily handles millions of records and is accessible by any number of users within your infrastructure. It manages complex scanning by using batching or seamlessly inserting individual documents into families with numerous formatting options, including OCR.

By harnessing the power of Ipro’s built in, cutting-edge processing engine, the streaming feature puts high-quality data into review twice as fast as other industry-leading desktop applications. And because it is locally deployed and can operate offline, no SQL backend or DBA is required.

Ipro for desktop can be deployed in less than an hour with all the functionality you need to review cases of any size, is approved for use by government agencies, and easily lets you migrate from the most popular legacy flat-file review databases.

And if your cases get too large for your physical infrastructure or need to be accessed online by co-counsel, they can temporarily be moved to the Ipro Cloud, giving you that extra-horsepower on demand, allowing you to take on cases of any size or complexity without significant ramp-up time or monetary investment.

Julie Laboe, expert consultant and trainer in e-discovery, litigation database programs, and trial presentation software states, “I’m seeing the scenario [of small firms facing large data sets] more than ever before, and Ipro for desktop simply levels the playing field for small firms against the bigger players in any type of case.”

--TrialDirector 360

In the Ipro for desktop solution, Review links directly to TrialDirector 360, so the user can simply right-click to integrate documents into Case Story and TrialDirector. With this Ipro for desktop release, enhancements to TrialDirector 360 include: Data Sync, allowing multiple users to collaborate and work on a case simultaneously; Import and Export Case functionality, allowing users to back up their cases and easily move from a desktop to laptop for use in trial; and enhancements with the document re-sequencer and exhibit label designer.

With Case Story, you can create and support facts with evidence at any phase of the litigation life-cycle. Rather than just tagging a document for later, users can cite the specific text or section of a document, link it to the “fact,” and call it up during presentation in TrialDirector 360. Other features in TrialDirector include the new transcript module, which allows sharing and searching of transcripts between modules, making your case-build efficient and simplified. It also provides improved Data Indexing and Streaming.

The lawfirm Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard uses TrialDirector as their go-to presentation software, and since making the transition, they have far more control and flexibility over their presentations and credit the ability within TrialDirector to effectively present evidence and paint a picture that resonates and reinforces their case for the jury to successful trial outcomes, including a recent $148 million personal injury award and a $50 million dollar birth injury award.

--Free Training Offer

Ipro for desktop (including Case Story and TrialDirector 360) were available for demonstration at the Ipro Tech Show, held at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 29 – May 1. In addition to the product release, Ipro will be hosting two special sessions on September 5th, 2019 at Ipro's Headquarters located in Tempe, AZ, highlighting Ipro for desktop. Sessions include a live demonstration plus hands-on learning and interaction in the software. Ipro's event is limited to 20 people per session, and attendees will receive a $200 credit towards the deployment package if they decide to purchase the Ipro for desktop solution.

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