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Urgent "Canadian and Indigenous Constitutional Sovereignty, PowerShift Seminar", Jul 27, 2019. Ohsweken ON. Canada.


Urgent "take charge solution" that can save our country, our sovereignty and change our lives for the better, solutions based seminar

OHSWEKEN, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 19, 2019 / -- The Canadian Peoples' Union NFP, would like to invite everyone to an urgent, solutions-based "Canadian and Indigenous Constitutional Sovereignty PowerShift Seminar", Jul 27, 2019. Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Ohsweken ON. Canada.

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm plus discussion workshops 7-10 pm. at The Gathering Place By the Grand, 2593 Chiefswood Road, Ohsweken, ON. N0A 1M0.

Hosts: Barb Garlow, Barbara Henry, Denis Lamothe, Nicole Lebrasseur, Branda Gagnon

*** This important and urgent seminar will demonstrate how together, Canadians and Indigenous Nations being the lawful owners and shareholders of our assets, and governments, are richer and more powerful than we think.

About this Event:

1) Mediocracy, political and financial fraud, and democracy,
2) What the proposed 5G network would mean for you. 5G dangers and diabetes, etc. (EMF flows through sweat ducts).
3) Agenda 21, Land expropriations 2019 in Ontario,
4) Forensic Auditing of our Financial Public Assets and IFRS,
5) National Security, and 53 million new migrants expected for Canada,
6) Pure Direct Democracy v. Open Government fraud, etc.,
7) Global Government and global citizenship, forfeiting national citizenship,
8) The Two Row Wampum & The Great Law Democracy for Canada,
9) Public Interest Canadian and Indigenous Nations Constitutional "Sovereignty", Class Action lawsuits,
10) 50/50 Direct democracy governance and 100% VETO power by the people on each side of the Two Row Wampum is needed.
Fee: Donations with RSVP ticket or at door to help cover costs.

Together, we can:

• Stop 5G from being implemented, given its proven scientific research negative health effects,
• End privatization of our government services, health care and governance
• End Canadian offshore havens to stabilize our economy and minimize taxation for the people
• End Government financial accounting, fraudulent misrepresentation of assets.
• End Agenda 21, cop21 and Agenda 2030 International control in our country.
• Protect our country, our collective rights, nationality and economic sovereignty from an imposed global
• Control Canadian politics, governments and laws.
• Collectively Govern and prosper in our free democratic country, the proper way.

How can we do this?

Our highly qualified speakers in their fields and panellists will help explain; what is happening in Canada, how some of it happened and the consequences involved for all Canadians and the Indigenous Nations.

Furthermore, our solutions-based seminar will demonstrate how together, we can freeze all actions undertaken by our governing bodies and public assets officers undertaken without our express written consent, through the supreme court, until the Canadian people and Indigenous Nations become better educated and knowledgeable about the seriousness of what our governments are doing within their participation in globalization, and how their actions already affect and jeopardize our future, security, prosperity and health.

It is vital that all Canadians and Indigenous Peoples to finally know and to understand how all levels of our government's actions will affect the rest of lives, our children and this country's future. It is also extremely important that everyone in Canada fully understand the consequences of becoming world citizens and then we can all decide together through referendums which direction and future we will decide to choose for all of us and how we will proceed to ensure that mistakes are not made.


Dr. Alain Deneault is a philosopher and teacher of political science at the University of Montreal, author of Canada, a New Tax Haven. Alain Deneault has a research doctorate from the Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Paris University, under the supervision of Jacques Rancière. He has written several books on topics related to international finance, globalization, transnational corporations, and corporate tax havens.

Dr. Paul Héroux is a scientist with experience in electrical engineering (17 years), and in the health sciences (29 years). He started his research career at Institut de Recherche d’Hydro-Québec in Varennes, Québec, an internationally reputed electro-technical research laboratory. After rounding out his formation with courses in Biology and Medicine, he became interested in health problems connected with electromagnetism.

Tom Quiggin is the primary contributor to the QUIGGIN REPORT which is a podcast on intelligence, free speech, extremism and terrorism. He is a court qualified expert on terrorism (criminal court and Federal Court) and has also had his expertise on intelligence and evidence recognized by the Federal Court. He spent fifteen years in the Canadian Armed Forces and worked for six years for the RCMP as an intelligence contractor. He has also worked for the Privy Council Office in an intelligence position. Other intelligence roles have included the Bank of Canada, the United Nations Protection Force in Yugoslavia, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (War Crimes) and the International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (The Hague). He was the lead author on the recent book SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islami to Canada (With a Warning to America). It was co-authored with Saied Shoaaib, Tahir Gora, Jonathon

Russ Robson is an independent recording artist and singer-songwriter from southern Ontario. He will be explaining how Agenda 21, Land expropriations are presently happening in Ontario, how it is being done and how the people and farmers are being affected by it. As a musician, Russ conveys his own unique sound through contrasting genres being described as “Grunge Folk” with hints of acoustic folk music, mixed with alternative grunge rock and country.

Nicole Lebrasseur is a Director and CEO of the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP. She is a strong proponent of honouring and implementing the Kahswentha /Two Row Wampum Treaty and the Great law, connecting Canadians and the Original People of Turtle Island in unity, in spite of the preferred Globalization direction that the present government is presently implementing with the United Nations agendas which remove all Canada’s and Indigenous Sovereignty in exchange for Global Governance.

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