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7 Tips to distinguish authentic Brand bags from imitation







If you can not see the differences, you should better read this article and try to remember the 7 tips to distinguish authentic brand bags from imitation.

Our 4Bag business started in 1967. Our father, an expert in quality leather, good construction and elegant leather product, founded his first store in Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece.”
— 4Bag
KARDITSA, THESSALY, GREECE, July 11, 2019 / -- How many times have you not wondered if the branded bag (tsantes) your friend is holding is an authentic one or an imitation! Now imitations are so good that only the details can betray the truth. Only 20% of women can notice the differences!

Others would say… ‘But I paid a fortune for this authentic brand bag!’ …only to realize later that it was a really good imitation of the original bag.

If you are not sure you can tell apart the differences, you should better read this article and try to remember the 7 tips to distinguish authentic brand bags from imitation.

For this purpose, 4Bag has created an extremely easy guide to use:

1. Pay attention to the details
Every bag produced by the world's largest brands is very carefully examined for any defects before it is marketed. Each stitch is uniform and there is not the slightest loose thread and the slightest defect. All genuine designer bags are handmade –never be fooled by anyone for the opposite!

2. Buckles, buttons and zippers
Pay attention to small details like metal buckles, buttons, zippers, tiles and locks. They should be of excellent quality, as well as a number or a name engraved on them, which is an additional sign of authenticity.
For example, each Hermes bag has the "Hermes Paris made in France" logo and another print on the back of the "fin" that closes the bag, which shows the material used and the year that the bag was created.

3. Materials
No known brand would use "wild" and hard skin. Only use soft, high quality materials. Any of these, in fact, leather should not be rubbed or have a 'greasy' or 'stick' texture.
Some designer bags can be soft and elastic, but they all keep their shape no matter how many years pass.

4. Company names
Sometimes we pay too much attention to detail that we do not pay attention to the basic: The name of the company.
Surprisingly, imitations often have company names printed on a different background, with smudged letters, or even with anagrams. Labels and inscriptions always reveal the truth!

5. Serial number
The serial number is an important feature of authenticity. The label with this number is sealed and specially affixed, so it can be removed from the bag without it being destroyed. Imitations usually have a sticker with a number that is simply stuck somewhere on the surface.

6. Packing
Every expensive bag always has expensive packaging, also from high quality materials. The package must be free of any defects, and always provides additional bag accessories with it as a set. It is never sold or given as a gift.
In addition, in most cases, the package also includes special documents with authenticated seals of the bag.

7. Clear features
Before you visit an online e-shop to buy an expensive bag, do a survey of the authenticity of the house, because everyone can have their own.

Why choose a branded bag
Branded bags can be found in physical or electronic stores. The names of specific brands and fashion houses are repeated very often and are subject to discussion on every occasion.
They have the characteristic of shaping fashion and make the mood of the ones that hold them, giving them the feeling of pioneering and uniqueness.

A woman with a branded bag acquires a different substance in the eyes of the rest and of course a different reflection of herself.
Of course, such purchases are made at a small frequency for everyone concerned because of their high cost.
Consumers often fall victims of fraud, paying for genuine products and eventually getting a fake one.

It will be useful to learn to distinguish imitations from authentic products. This will save us time, money and also protect our good psychology.

Branded bags 4Bag
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• Payment with credit card, debit card or prepaid card, PayPal or with 6 instalments via Piraeus Bank's smart payment system
• Discount coupons and unique offers throughout the year
4Bag accepts orders from the following European countries:
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Italy
• Austria
• France
• Germany
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• Netherlands
• Portugal
• Slovenia
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• Lithuania
• Latvia
• Denmark
• England
• Spain
• Czech republic
A really good example of distinguishing authentic bags from imitation is for example an authentic Byblos bag will never use the opposite color in its inner liner, from the outside color. The color in and out will always be the same. If the interior is too shiny, satin-like, this is a suspicious sign.

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