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The LineBacker Door Restraint protects against unwanted entry

No One Gets Past A LineBacker Door Restraint


When a home security system is activated, it has exhausted it's ability to 'Prevent' anything!” The paradox is; in most people's minds, prevention was the reason it was installed in the first place.”
— Lee Ferguson
SEATTLE, WA, USA, July 17, 2019 / -- Getting past the marketing hype into common sense considerations about Home Security Systems is what motivated 79 year old Lee Ferguson, to start his company, LineBacker Security Hardware, LLC. He is taking on the “Home Security” Companies that promise a lot - but deliver little in terms of physical protection or prevention. After his niece was murdered by a man who knocked on her apartment door in Tacoma, Washington, and the mother of a friend was killed by a couple of thugs who broke through her home's back door in Portland, Oregon; This former general contractor turned inventor saw that prevention was much more important than an expensive alarm or video system that cannot prevent or protect, but rather provides only a warning or a video record of events that could be heartbreaking to watch. He argues that, “prevention should be the first priority.” And while he agrees with the big Security Service firms that, “an alarm, warning that someone has entered your home is a good thing; a greater value lies in preventing their entry in the first place!”

“It's common sense”, he says. “If Home Security Alarm and Surveillance Systems came with a trained bodyguard, we'd be all in. But they don't. Let's be honest: how soon after an alarm goes off will armed and able help be available? Ten minutes? Twenty? Longer? Even GOOGLE can't give an answer regarding that issue.” No reputable alarm company will guarantee a specific time for help to arrive. It's a fact that most police forces cannot and do not respond to home alarms without spending several attempts and important minutes substantiating the validity of the alarm. They have, in fact, deprioritized their responses to home alarms. “That fact hasn't been a part of the so-called “Security Systems” sales and marketing efforts”

“Thats not to say those systems can't have a deterrent effect and there is value in forewarning, but think about it... how can they physically prevent... anything?” Electronics are great for communication, making noise or taking videos, but physical protection?.... Not a chance!”, Only hardware can prevent entry”, He says.

“When a security system is activated by any of its sensors, it has just exhausted it's ability to 'Prevent' anything!” The paradox is; in most people's minds, prevention was the reason it was installed in the first place. And prevention is most important when someone is home and vulnerable!

Mr. Ferguson's LineBacker Security Hardware of Union,WA has re-designed, re-engineered, and re-styled the centuries old and never surpassed home entry security device..The door bar! They were issued a patent on an articulated and extremely strong door bar that can squeeze tightly against the door so it cannot be breached, and by rotating the handle will reveal a hinge allowing the bar to bend and the door to be safely opened somewhat like a “security” chain is supposed to do and doesn't! It allows a person inside to see and speak to a person outside, receive a package, let a small pet in and out, or provide ventilation. All while preventing a forceful push-in or kick-in. Easily installed on any door frame it is often used to create a “safe room” within a dwelling Using a football metaphor for his company name, Ferguson says, “Nobody gets past the LineBacker”

He is currently selling his LineBacker Articulated Door Restraint online and has said, “I'm getting a little long of tooth”, and invites inquiries for wider distribution of his product.

For more information contact Lee Ferguson at 360-898-6565 or email at
The product is available from Amazon or at his website

Lee Ferguson
LineBacker Security Hardware, LLC
+1 360-898-6565
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The New LineBacker Articulated Door Restraint - There is None Better - Door closed tightly or door open- still safe!

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