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David Maloney Advises Victims of Trucking Accidents to Seek Out an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

David Maloney

MOBILE, ALABAMA, USA, June 5, 2019 / -- David Maloney has thoroughly researched personal injury law for years and brings over a decade of experience representing vehicular accidents to each case. He advises all victims of trucking accidents to seek out help from experienced personal injury lawyers as these victims are at a much larger risk of sustaining lasting injuries.

David Maloney of Maloney-Lyons, LLC helps victims of personal injury overcome their obstacles and gain a fighting chance of resolution in court. He brings years of experience in the personal injury field and dedicates all his professional resources and connections to every individual case. Understanding the unique risk of victims of trucking accidents, he advises anyone who is involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler to seek out the help of a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

“Very often, victims of trucking accidents suffer severe injuries, which may require them to be absent from work, undergo rehabilitative therapy, perform medical treatments, or worse,” says David Maloney. “They’re likely due a significant compensation, which will require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to resolve during trial.”

The truck driving industry employs massive and heavy machinery that often causes significant damage to other vehicles on the road in the event of a collision. From this, victims may encounter mounting medical bills and debts that are too great to pay, much less recover from. An attorney specializing in trucking accidents will know what to leverage to help secure the proper accommodation due to victims.

Because of their immense size and weight, semi-trucks (or 18 wheelers) tend to result in severe injury or death more than other types of vehicle accidents. Most cars are designed to withstand impacts from like-sized vehicles, but semis weigh many times more than a consumer car. The injuries sustained in a collision with an 18-wheeler are likely to lead to permanent, debilitating injuries later in life. Traumas such as brain or spinal cord injury will have a tremendous impact on the victims of the accident and their families.

“Too often, victims of a collision with an 18-wheeler are left to fend for themselves and take on medical bills, therapy, medication and more just to get by,” says David Maloney. “We strive to fight for their cause and give them the best chance of success during court so they can go on to live normal, healthy lives without the worry of cumbersome debt.”

David Maloney acknowledges that most trucking accidents are the result of negligence from the truck driver or trucking company. He ensures that any client who enlists his firm is guaranteed an equal chance at holding the parties responsible for the accident liable for their injuries in court.

“We offer a free consultation to victims of trucking accidents, demonstrating our seriousness and willingness to secure compensation for clients right from the start,” says David Maloney. “And we will provide aggressive representation to victims to ensure full recovery from their injuries.”

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