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Taking You Behind the Closed Doors of a Digital Marketing Firm: What Marketing Execs Don’t Want You to Know

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The misrepresentation that is rampant in the digital marketing industry and how to avoid it

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2019 / -- Misrepresentation is a very common occurrence in the digital marketing world. Marketing companies have been known to deceive clients about everything from where their web development is done - it's almost always done in India, to the clients they have worked with, the amazing results they can guarantee, and more. Many digital marketing companies survive on a kind of turn-and-burn model and have huge client-attrition rates. They generally rely on a client’s ignorance of marketing and often actually put very little effort into their marketing.

There is an inherent conflict of interest between the client and the marketing company. The client wants to get the most out of their marketing budget while the marketing company wants to squeeze as much money out of the client as possible. Their interests simply do not align. In the end, marketing companies are making money hand over fist and it’s the small business owner who is footing the bill.

A marketing plan takes meticulous planning to be effective, however, marketing companies rarely take the time to objectively analyze their strategies or perform requisite marketing audits. Instead, many digital marketing companies operate on a sort of wing-and-prayer system and only analyze their strategies when their client’s marketing is in crisis mode and the client threatens to fire them for lack of results. The problem with digital marketing and SEO is that it takes several months to show results, and by the time a client realizes that they are not getting the results they expected, it’s too late, they have already lost thousands of dollars.

We’ve all seen advertisements on social media for the latest and greatest way to improve your marketing, techniques that an expert marketer developed that is guaranteed to drive up your leads and get you sales. In the end, it’s just another deception. The truth is, there simply are no shortcuts in digital marketing. The only way to get real results is to put in the time and effort and to pay very close attention to your campaign. This, unfortunately, rarely is done because it cuts into a marketing company’s profit margins, which is precisely why they try to avoid such work at all costs and why they take so many shortcuts.

In the end, the only way around this conflict of interest is to enlist an objective 3rd-party marketing audit team, such as My Marketing Auditors to regularly perform systematic, comprehensive and unbiased marketing audits to ensure that all marketing efforts are implemented correctly. Only then will the playing field between the marketing company and the client be leveled.

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