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Your next job interview may be with an AI bot!

Lisa - intelligent video bot from screens

Lisa - intelligent video bot from launches video bot Lisa that is set to revolutionize HR and recruitment practices.

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NEW JERSEY, USA, May 15, 2019 / -- Hiring, which is a multi-step process is a key focus of the HR department in any organization. An article from Glassdoor states that a hiring manager spends six seconds per resume. For each job position, they get a minimum of 50 resumes which they need to scrutinize and then select the top 10 candidates for next level of screening.**

If one recruiter is responsible for sifting through and shortlisting top applicants from a pool of hundreds of candidates, it’s unlikely that they will be able to perform this task well. The recruiter will likely face boredom, fatigue, take shortcuts, or filter out qualified applications based on unconscious bias. Another challenge is that each employee must be assessed not only from the point of their professional skills, but also their soft skills.

Now, imagine if organizations had the option to eliminate this one step, using an AI-based video interview bot. New Jersey based has developed one such video bot called Lisa that can autonomously conduct end to end initial video interviews starting from sending meeting request to profile assessment, background validation, soft skill assessment, aptitude test, and technical evaluation of multiple candidates at once, 24/7. The bot has been trained by more than 500 subject matter experts from 1000 plus interviews and keeps learning every day to make it smarter.

Instant Screening, Instant Selection:
The recruiter can dump all the resumes received and Lisa will scrutinize each profile, pick the best fitting resumes for the role and send an email to all the candidates with a video meeting request (an open meeting request is shared giving the candidate an option to join anytime from anywhere as per their availability and comfort).

The bot is capable of taking video-based technical and HR interview of the candidates with custom questions and once the interview is complete, it sends out a summary and a detailed 100 data points feedback including behavioral and technical aspects, capturing candidate’s personality and authenticity. This automated video interviewing facilitates organizations to screen candidates through video interviews rather than just resumes. The technology also empowers recruiters to evaluate candidates later at their own convenience. Co-founder, Vamsi Krishna says, “The video bot is human-like in analyzing facial expressions, voice tones and body language. If it senses a candidate’s mood as sad or upset, it will immediately prompt to reschedule the meeting as per candidate’s convenience.”

Removing Unethical Practices and Human Bias:
With Lisa’s facial analysis feature, there are measures to assess any proctoring or identity mismatch, plagiarism, also eliminating any gender or racial discrimination. Recruiters can thus standardize and structure interviews and eliminate any pre-conditioned biases, ensuring a more culturally diverse workplace.

AI-based Video Bots Do Not Make Human Recruiters Redundant:
With technology-enabled hiring process, recruiters get an opportunity to become talent advisors to their business, steer hiring decisions based on market trends, and focus time on engaging with top candidates, on-boarding and training. Hence, for most experienced professionals, an AI-based video interview bot will be more likely to serve as an enabler. “With a video bot like Lisa, hiring time is reduced by 30% to 40%, clearly reducing a minimum of 3 weeks from the hiring cycle, giving a competitive edge to organizations”, says another Co-Founder, Hari Dosapati.

There are infinite possibilities of AI-based video bots helping better human experience. Currently Lisa is being used to capture feedback using facial expressions by some leading companies and in the future the aims to enhance Lisa to make it effective for the Banking sector.

About is a New Jersey based company that is transforming hiring practices for the 21st century with the power of Artificial Intelligence-based chat, audio and video bots and provides interviewing as a service. has over 1000 SMEs who conduct interviews on demand. The company is co-founded by Hari Dosapati and Vamsi Krishna.

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