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Jim Haggerty of Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith (“HGSK”) has led the way in pursuing the rights of auto insurance consumers in Pennsylvania. In this regard, he has championed the right of purchasers of auto insurance to recover stacked benefits under auto policies throughout the Commonwealth.

In particular, Haggerty has focused on the ability of a consumer to recover stacked benefits under auto policies when a new vehicle has been added to an existing policy. Insurers have been reluctant to pay these claims, despite case law (which HGSK helped develop) requiring payment.

Jim Haggerty has instituted class actions on behalf of consumers who have been deprived of their rightful recovery.

In Pennsylvania, consumers are required to sign a form when they wish to waive stacking of coverages. The Pennsylvania Courts have held that a new waiver is required when new vehicles are added to an existing policy. The failure to obtain a new waiver requires the insurer to provide stacked coverage.

Many insurers fail to get the new waiver but still, refuse to pay stacked benefits. HGSK has filed actions on behalf of consumers seeking to correct this wrong.

Jim Haggerty recently authored an article on this issue entitled “Stacking of UM/UIM Coverages for Newly Acquired Vehicles” which appeared in the recent Insurance Supplement of the Pennsylvania Law Weekly.

For copies of the article or more information on this topic contact Jim Haggerty at jhaggerty@hgsklawyers.com.

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