Spring Beers At The Hulmeville Inn

Spring Beer

Spring is coming you can tell by the beer!

Stop by for your favorite spring beers!”
— Jeff Lavin, The Hulmeville Inn

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The change of seasons is always a great time for beer lovers. The first sign of spring at the Hulmeville Inn is the arrival of lighter seasonal brews.

Brewers are shelving the bigger stouts and Belgian styles in favor of more seasonable flavors. Wheats, Pilsners, Shandys and Sours are all on their way in for the spring and summer months.

Usually lighter in alcohol, but not in flavor, these styles provide our customers a choice when watching a Phillies game or barbecuing at home. Bell’s Oberon is one of the finest examples of summer wheat with notes of spice and fruit that are derived from the signature Bell’s house yeast and hops. People are often surprised that there is no fruit added in the brewing process.

The availability of Russian River STS Pils has been a nice surprise this spring. One of the most sought-after breweries in the country, Russian River makes what is possibly the finest example of a Pils. The taste is clean and crisp for any occasion.

On the fruit forward Shandy side of things, Narragansett Del’s Shandy is a newcomer to us this year. This beer is a collaboration between two legendary Rhode Island brands. Del’s is a historic frozen lemonade stand that opened back in 1948. Del’s Shandy will bring you famous Del’s lemonade puree mixed with Narragansett’s award-winning lager for a delicious and refreshing taste.

We’ll be pouring that along with classics from Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy and authentic German Radlers.

Sours, while available year round now, proliferate in the spring. While wheat inspired beers were traditionally the spring staple, sours have been growing in popularity the past few years. While some blame the evolution of human taste buds for the shift in flavor popularity, others simply enjoy the slight pucker a sour provides. On deck this year are offerings from Imprint Brewing, Dogfish Head, Russian River and more.

Spring is a wonderful time to sit in a bar and have a beer or two while enjoying wonderful weather. Stop by The Hulmeville Inn for a taste of all your favorite spring beers.

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