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What you Need to Pack for your First Backpacking Adventure with Appi Alla

Appi Alla

There’s a lot of allure to backpacking. Find out exactly what you need to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch with Appi Alla.

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2019 / -- Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, an office worker taking a sojourn from the daily grind or a couple in your golden years looking for adventure, backpacking is an activity that almost anyone can do. There’s something romantic about the idea of exploring the world with everything you need directly on your back whether it’s through Europe, Asia, Africa or South America. But one of the obvious limitations of travelling this way is space. It’s vital that you pack only what you need, and to aid you on your upcoming trip, we’ve put together a list of backpacking essentials with the help of travel enthusiast Appi Alla. Read more below.

A ultralight down jacket

Most backpackers choose destinations with a warm and temperate climate for two reasons - because who wouldn’t want to spend an entirety in summer, and because it means that they’ll only have to pack much lighter, summer clothing. According to Appi Alla, however, you should never eschew a warm jacket. Buses, trains and airplanes all sometimes crank the air conditioning, and a down jacket will be a life saver in that environment. Likewise, you can plan you trip as carefully as you want, but you’ll never be able to prepare for the weather. An ultralight down jacket is super lightweight and compact but will still keep you warm wherever you are.

A power bank

“If you’re reading this on your mobile device then you’re definitely going to need a power bank.” Appi Alla says. “Because you might find yourself in between plug sockets during your travels, having a source of power to charge your phone, headphones or laptop is invaluable while on the road.” They’re also pretty affordable, come in a number of different sizes, and fit snugly into your backpack without weighing you down too much.

A reusable water bottle

According to Appi Alla, this is an elective item but still very useful. The planet is currently suffering from a plastic epidemic, and while you’re traveling you should be mindful of this fact and try to reduce your impact wherever possible. Having a reusable water bottle not only helps reduce waste, but it also allows you to fill your bottle wherever you are, saving you money too.

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