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SimpleChain: A Simplified Access to Justice Service

SimpleChain original currency SIPC is available to exchange with the Spring Token which is the native token of the VeraxChain.

HANGZHOU, ZHEJIANG, CHINA, March 20, 2019 / -- Recently, SimpleChain original currency SIPC is available to exchange with the Spring Token. It is the native token of the VeraxChain which is the sub chain of SimpleChain. Spring Token can be used to obtain the services for evidence preservation and online forensic certification on a platform called The latter is the pioneer in legal field that provided the first blockchain forensic certification in China. Combination with the technology of blockchain, big data and AI, the efficiency of legislation, trial and execution of Internet dispute cases can be greatly enhanced.

The initial nodes of VeraxChain are forensic science center, notary office, CA center, regulatory authority and Each node is deployed in a controlled environment and data will be periodically synchronized to the public chain. The verification through the whole network ensures the security and distribution of data. The connection of SIPC and Spring Token contributes to the application of blockchain technology to the real economy.

The user cases of cover the fields of finance, government affairs, logistics industry and copyright protection. The number of users reaches several million, and the volume of preserved evidence reaches tens of millions. Taking copyright protection as an example, when the author finds that someone infringes his/her article, he/she can reserve the evidence of infringing websites by using tools and services offered by The information of website or operation steps will be packaged as the evidence and obtain a hash value after use algorithm. Then this digital abstract will be recorded on the chain and become an electronic evidence of infringement in subsequent judicial proceedings or disputes.

As a revolutionary infrastructure blockchain, SimpleChain is designed and developed with a double-layered structure: the main chain with PoW consensus algorithm and the sub chain offers flexibility that is customizable for different sub chain with specific consensus algorithm according to various applications. SimpleChain also provides an environment that is simple for sub chain to develop and deploy. The application scenarios of the sub chain include data transactions, digital entertainment, diamonds, real estate, stable currency, copyright protection, etc.. SimpleChain links to the judicial alliance chain to provide judicial support for the entire chain.

The original digital asset SIPC plays a key role to bind the community developers, application users and other clients together for a healthy ecosystem. The original digital asset SIPC is mined since the main chain was launched with a limited total supply. Meanwhile, the total supply could be dynamically adjusted along with the changing need from sub chain.

SimpleChain is aiming to provide a compatible practical solution for various distributed applications. Various sub chain is going to anchor to SimpleChain main chain via a two-way peg in order to complete the cross-chain transactions and thus builds a rich ecosystem.

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