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Teen influencer Christian Aaron opens up to Dr. Phil about the downside of insta-fame and spiking teen suicide rates

Christian describes the struggles and dangers of social media bullying and how teen suicide rates have spiked since the creation of Facebook and social media.

WEST HOLLYWOOD , CA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2019 / -- Christian Aaron, 19 year old social media influencer, has opened up about his tribulations and growing pains rising to insta-fame on The Dr. Phil Show, in hopes of raising awareness on mental health issues and how social media impacts today’s adolescents.

Christian has built a viral presence online starting with his family friendly YouTube channel that depicts everything from collaborations with other well-known social media influencers, to teaching a friend to put on make up for the first time, and most sobering —coping with the death of his friend who passed away after dealing with depression. Christian says that pressures and hatred “come pouring in masses online, especially to those who are gender defying”.

“I would always let what everyone else thought control who I am. Dogma and caving in to peer pressure, it’s a slippery slope and the end result is losing control over your own life”, Christian has recently decided to open up about his personal experiences and the ongoing adversity he has had to overcome, as a means of contributing to the public’s awareness. “Bullying is at your fingertips in today’s world, it’s streamlined now with social media,” he continues. “In the case of the U.S. presidency, it is even a winning campaign platform. Bullying is as natural to social media as it is in middle schools and even office places across America. By speaking out about how this impacted me and other people close to me, I’m hoping to do my part in lowering teen suicide rates which have been on a steady slope of an incline since the mid 2000’s and the increased use of social media. If you look at the graph depicting suicide between age 15 and 19 you will see almost a 90 degree slope from the creation of Facebook and social media’s increased prevalence that correlate with the increased teen suicide rate.”

“Even if one person develops strength and courage from my story, or a angry person simply relaxes online instead of projecting their own insecurities, that’s a win. Hopefully hearing my experience and others like me some internet trolls find love and mercy in their heart after hearing what happened to my friend, that makes it all worth it for me”. Christian has learned that in the age of social media, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to being a influencer and outspoken member of the LGBTQ community at age 19.

“We are seeing many people do great things with their social media influence, from politicians in their 20’s shaking up DC, to Instagram marijuana sock entrepreneurs who made their run in Oscar nominated films in Hollywood. It’s really something going on, the winds of change I want to use my following to make young kids like me comfortable with who they are... despite the naysayers and others who hate on them. I used to let others define me or make me ashamed to be myself, I have learned to pay no mind to the negativity or cyber bullying online and to participate in love and positivity, mercy instead of anger or hatred. Online bullying is the worst, the people doing it are even more insecure than those who they are targeting, it becomes a vicious cycle. That’s something I wish my friend realized before taking his own life, and something that even our President should think about given the amount of social media influence he has and negative approach he uses”.

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Amanda Cerny talks to Christian and Dr. Phil