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The Beldex Light Finally Shines on People of Mongolia #BELDEX #Complete-eco-system

Lucky for the investors in all industries, including healthcare and transport, Beldex has them covered with Crypto-Power. #BELDEX #Mongolia

ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA, February 9, 2019 / -- #Mongolia is among the countries that have not had a chance to enjoy the benefits and luxury that the blockchain system has brought in the economy. Lucky for the investors in all industries, including healthcare and transport, #Beldex has them covered. Beldex has penetrated the African market since its launching and has decided to take the glory to Mongolia citizens.

The crypto world has suffered a big blow with the introduction of several legal requirements that may force some crypto companies out of the market in 2019. Beldex Company is among the survivors, who will keep the fire of the cryptocurrencies burning.

The BDX coins are truly privacy enabled, and the company has promised to see that they give the most secured update for their coins. With the overpromising and under delivery of investors, it is hard for consumers to trust a word from companies. However, in his speech, Beldex Marcus Foo, the COO of BDX Coins promised the Mongolia citizens to see that the operation of the company will be straightforward and one that benefits them for being part of their community.
Beldex Company aim is to guide investors, entrepreneurs and institutions to form one blockchain powered world. By guiding their community, there will be the awareness on the use, benefits, and challenges of the blockchain system in the society. The Mongolia people can, therefore, prepare to flourish under the global approach of financial assertions and transparent model. BDX coins owe itself to stay aligned to their mission to see that they maintain the kingship in the crypto world.

What are some of the benefits that Mongolia will get by partnering with the introduction of BDX Coins?

1.Reduce Costs
Reducing costs is a concern that every company has to deal with to maximize their output. With the blockchain system, there will be no need of middlemen to witness the transaction for evidence; you only need to trust the blockchain data. There is; therefore, no time wasted to review documentation.

2.Increased efficiency and speed
With blockchain, all the parties have access to similar information, which makes it easier for them to trust each other. Also, with the traditional methods, a transaction takes a long time before it becomes a success. Human is to error, so there is still a lot of clutters at the end of the day. With a single digital ledger, there is no need for data reconciliation hence speed and efficiency.

3.Improved traceability
For companies that deal with complex supply chains, tracing the history of the transactions has proven to be very hectic. However, with blockchain, when the exchange of goods is recorded, you get an audit trail that shows every stop over the goods made. It is, therefore, easy to verify the authenticity of the products and prevent fraud.

4.Enhanced security
This is probably the biggest pro of the blockchain system. For the healthcare institutions, government, and financial services where crucial data has to be transferred without risking being hacked, blockchain will be of great help. There are several ways through which this is done. For instance, the data is stored in a network of computers and not a single server which makes it impossible for unauthorized individuals to access the data.

5.Great Transparency
With the help of blockchain histories, transactions are becoming more transparent. All the people who have permission can access the data. Also, the blockchain is a type of a distributed ledger, where the participants share the same documentation instead of one individual copy. In case there any changes that need to be done, all parties who are involved have to agree on the changes. Changing any information would, therefore, mean alteration of all the subsequent records and approval of the entire network, which is a very complex and tiring process. As a result, blockchain information is accurate, transparent and safe.

Final Verdict
Beldex Coin Organization is working towards ensuring that Mongolia community gets to enjoy all the benefits of the crypto world through their BDX Coins. So far BDX coins are doing well in Africa following several partnerships with premium companies in the industry. Mongolia will, therefore, be no exception.

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