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I Fund Philly and new Managing Partner Bryan Ziegenfuse bring lending platform to Philadelphia real estate community

Bryan Ziegenfuse and Philadelphia based real estate lender I Fund Philly (iFP) to launch innovative mobile technology platform in 2019

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA , USA, February 8, 2019 / -- Bryan Ziegenfuse recently joined Philadelphia-based real estate lender I Fund Philly (iFP) in December of 2018, bringing with him 15 years of executive experience across the servicing, capital markets, finance and portfolio management disciplines. I Fund Philly is a private lender connecting the real estate community through its platform which provides working capital to developers, investors and builders.

iFP’s innovative approach to connecting investors and developers through its mobile technology platform will bring much needed improvements to the customer’s experience for traditional fix and flip investors. Traditional bank lending lacks customer ease of processing. Developers and investors currently operate in a fragmented industry and spend large amounts of time on non-revenue producing tasks. The fix and flip process for investors, developers and contractors can be extremely difficult to navigate, effectively increasing the length of time and cost necessary to evaluate, secure and begin new developments, reducing the number of new projects possible for all parties. iFP’s platform will unite and integrate the sourcing, funding, managing and selling of the investments within local real estate communities by connecting these functions within a single, innovative, mobile-enabled product. The much-anticipated release of the product is scheduled for early 2019.

Through iFP’s community customers will enjoy a suite of tools and resources to be
successful. Additionally, the platform will be web-based making it easy to use and accessible. of the technology platform will bring exponential value to members of the community as additional

Movement into urban areas is predicted to increasingly intensifying as residents seek new jobs, vibrant social living, walkability, easy transportation, restaurants and entertainment options. Through iFP’s own interviewing of local realtors in Philadelphia during December 2018 into January 2019, those local realtors continued to see strong demand for renovated homes. This movement has created a demand for newly renovated housing that far outpaces the current supply. Highly desirable areas have limited “mass” development opportunities for large developers creating strong support for small/medium size developers. I Fund Philly and Bryan Zeigenfuse hope to improve the process by which this supply is created by connecting investors with developers through their innovative technology platform to meet this growing demand for new development. Private lending is a $50B industry and growing and iFP’s asset-based lending approach is ideal for these types of investments. Asset-based lending can provide greater borrowing capacity based on the value of those assets even if profitability is marginal.

iFP and Bryan Ziegenfuse are initially focused on connecting the communities within Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs of South New Jersey, Delaware County, Bucks County and Montgomery County before expanding in other regions in the United States. There are numerous “sub” markets across the United States that have underdeveloped real estate communities when compared to the real estate communities in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, etc. Those sub-markets will be strategically analyzed and tested to possibly support iFP’s geographic expansion plans.

Bryan Ziegenfuse and I Fund Philly expect a healthy environment for real estate development in 2019 and are excited to provide a new platform for the community to connect on to achieve greater success.

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