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Interview with Managing Partner of SystemDomain by Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine

Q&A with the Managing Partner of SystemDomain Inc, Chicago based Global IT Services firm with focus in Development, Cloud, Cyber Security and Data Analytics.

It is an honor for SystemDomain to be recognized by CEOCFO magazine.”
— Shubhi Garg, CEO, SystemDomain, Inc.
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2019 / -- SystemDomain, Inc, a Chicago based leading global information technology and consulting services company has pleased to announce that Managing Partner of SystemDomain was interviewed by Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine.

Edior: Managing Partner, what is the focus at SystemDomain, Inc. today?

Managing Partner: System Domain’s primary focus is to provide world class consulting and products in cybersecurity and cloud computing. Our aim is to make the world, our partners and our clients secure and their systems productive. In addition, our focus is on providing the optimization in terms of cost and productivity, taking their solutions to the cloud platforms.

Editor: What do you understand about technology, management and security that perhaps less knowledgeable companies do not recognize?

MP: We adopt the technologies and come up with the products ahead of our competition. That is why we can showcase these capabilities with our clients. In that way, we can bring them up to speed, ahead of the competition, and provide turnkey, customized solutions to our clients. That is the focus of System Domain, and why we are ahead of the competition.

Editor: Would you give us an example or two of when a company might turn to you, what they are looking for and how you help them make the change they need?

MP: When our clients come to us they are looking for someone to deliver the business solutions. They are looking for end-to—end products in the cybersecurity, cyber assessment, vulnerabilities and assessments. At the same time our clients are very cognizant to the delivery time, as well as the costs associated with these solutions. We make the delivery and product optimization in such a way that the total cost of ownership of those solutions and services are very competitive. That is what our clients are looking for so they know upfront the cost and what will be the time of delivery to solve their business challenges.

Editor: How do you help a client recognize what they really need; not what they think they need?

MP: Our advisory services have the market data. We help them to do the comparative study between the System Domain’s offering and the competition, so they can see the value upfront, and they can go into the market and do their own comparison if they would like. However, we support our data and provide how much it will cost, the delivery and the trends. Then we compare System Domain’s offering with the market data. Our customers like the fact that this is very competitive and it will help them to solve the business case and also at the same time, will help them to optimize their dollar cost.

Editor: Do you work with some of your clients on an ongoing basis or is it typically project by project?

MP: We have a mix of both on going, as well as fixed bid projects. There are support projects where System Domain has taken the software and we are going to support that software, and we are going to provide the enhancements to the existing software. That is support model where System Domain will keep the lights on for the existing product portfolio. Where we have the continuing influx of work from our existing clients, but at the same time our clients are looking for the current marking trends solutions, the cutting-edge solutions and they are looking to solve new business challenges, to align their business and organization strategies where we provide them the fixed bid. We deliver those solutions on a fixed bid, fixed dollar and fixed time basis.

Editor: How does the offshore support come into your offering, particularly cost wise?

MP: Some of our clients are very cognizant of the cost, and they are also looking for the coverage. Some of our clients are looking for a “follow the sun” model to support them, and at the same time to provide the value proposition to our clients we have bundled up the offshore model. In the offshore model, we know the cost for delivering the service from that offshore model, where we have the very educated and skilled labor force to support that particular technology. However, at the same time we pay them the top dollar as per that demographic, so that we can attract that talent and provide the state of the art and highly skilled software services to our clients at an optimal cost and value. That is where System Domain provides the value proposition to our clients in the offshore model. This means there are two advantage of bundling up the offshore model. One is that we provide the cost advantage to our clients and also at the same time services. We provide 24/7 support to our clients to support their system offerings.

Editor: What is next for System Domain?

MP: System Domain is focused on becoming a global firm. Right now, we have a very strong foothold in the United States, but what we are realizing is that the systems offerings and the product offerings we can replicate to other countries. Therefore, System Domain would like to replicate explore the potential of working and providing our systems offerings to other parts of the world.

Editor: Put it together for our readers. There are so many companies in your industry to choose from. Why System Domain?

MP: System Domain is a very selective company. We have the top-notch software professionals. We have professional that are certified with various technologies, so we can provide full coverage. Therefore, System Domain is not just an IT consulting form. We were rated by various agencies as the Top 20 and Top 100 companies in various categories. Those ratings give an advantage to System Domain that says that we definitely deliver the services in a quality and timely fashion. In addition, those ratings definitely help System Domain to earn the business of our clients, and they can rest assure that they are working with a very qualitative and very reputed firm.

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