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Shattered Moon is Simply Unputdownable

When a Romantic Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

The best book ever written on Domestic Abuse. It should be read by everyone before they begin a new relationship. A cautionary tale, but also a thrilling story.

To all those who don’t believe in themselves, you are worth fighting for. And for all those who feel alone, you don’t always see the stars, but you know they are still there. You are loved.”
— Renata Lanzoni

OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM, January 24, 2019 / -- The one thing I hear people saying the most about Renata Lanzoni’s book, Shattered Moon, is that it’s the best book ever written on the topic of Domestic Violence! Praised worldwide for its details on how such a devastating experience could ever happen, here is a book that dares to at last tell the truth about how love can morph into an unexpected sequence of turmoil.

From inception, this book carries us to the romantic beaches of paradise where the unexpected is given to us via love that appears at first to be quite promising. The author does not hold back in presenting the perfect lover in handsome Kiri, in the quintessential love setting of sun-kissed beaches. No one expects her abuser to turn into a low-esteemed, jealous monster. Never has a writer detailed the initial points of entry into such unfortunate mayhem as it’s presented in this daunting new book.

In the US alone, nearly 5 million women experience physical violence by an intimate partner every year, but we’ve never heard of it like this before! Shattered Moon is a cautionary tale about Maddy’s optimistic views against a lover that ends up delivering a resounding succession of domestic abuse, in forms we have not seen before. What makes this novel work is the abuser himself, and how the author presents him as an abandoned victim of circumstance, since childhood. While you’re hoping the madness with handsome Kiri changes, he soon is presented with a scowl or with jealously that lets the reader understand that something is wrong with Maddy’s dangerous suitor.

Readers are transfixed by Maddy’s yearning for Kiri, until his mad entrance into a room, the accusations, the demands, the jealously go on without cessation. This book will keep readers turning the pages to see what’s next.

In Shattered Moon you are rooting for the main character to leave when she can. In the next breath you want it to work; and, it doesn’t. As the truth of Maddy’s abuse unravels, you miss what this romantic setting could have been like had Kiri lived up to the fantasy that Maddy deserved. Will Maddy relinquish? Can she leave the abuser? The author is the best yet at presenting a woman’s slow fall into the web of a relationship that has all the traits of the perfect romance.

Lanzoni covers all of the bases of love terror in ways in which no one else has done before. An excellent description of both victim and perpetrator, this book, (of which profits will go to Domestic Violence victims) will open your eyes to the reality around you. It is available today on

What readers say about Shattered Moon

“Shattered Moon is an emotional roller-coaster ride that captures the vulnerability of human nature, weaving a tale of hope, friendship, tragedy, and despair that has a lasting impression. What starts as an almost charming tantrum of jealousy soon develops into constant mental and physical torture. Shattered Moon is a compelling and essential read for everyone. From understanding the subtle signs of domestic abuse to the psychology behind staying with an abuser, there is a lot to be learnt from Maddy’s story. Lanzoni captures both, the highs and the lows of life. Her friendship with Cindy, her daughter, and some of the other friends she makes along the way are a sure sign of hope, a reminder that where it is evil, there is also good.” Goodreads

“Lanzoni does an excellent job of portraying the heroine's emotions and confusion. Maybe because Maddy narrates with the benefit of hindsight, her mistakes seem understandable. Indeed, I found myself deeply immersed in the character and the story. The fast-paced action is interspersed with more leisurely passages. Sometimes the book reads like travel writing.
I enjoyed both the descriptions and a story that read increasingly like a thriller. I was compelled to see how the relationship developed and how Maddy would cope.” OnLineBook Club

“I really liked the uncertainty of the book because it made me eager to find out what would happen next. Kiri’s character was also volatile. He was both likable and repulsive because his charming demeanor shadowed his monstrosity.” Kirsty Khem

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