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Can Science Modernize God?

We have moved from dial up telephones to wireless cell phones. Why, then, are we still dealing with “thou art”, “heathens” and “hellfire”?

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 14, 2019 / -- Can Science Modernize God?

We currently live in a world where we have moved from dial up telephones to wireless cell phones, and at one point we listened to music on phonograph records, cassette tapes and CDs but today we can stream and download our music from several sources. We used to purchase newspapers from newsstands and corner stores but today we can read the news online and send instant messages via email to any place in the world. We have moved on from rabbit ear antennas to watch a floor model TV to 50-inch flat screens and connect with Wi-Fi. Why, then, are we still dealing with “thou art”, “heathens” and “hellfire”?

Can science modernize faith? Can technology prove reincarnation? These and similar questions are being asked and addressed by Sean XLG Mitchell, a leading expert in the field of spiritual science. In general, religions tell stories of dramatic accounts and events involving people and places that existed over 2,000 years ago, but are these ancient stories still relevant today? In a world everchanging by the minute, Sean utilizes spiritual science to update faith to the 21st century. He states, “It’s the first time in history that we’re using a form of science to advance the God concept”.

Sean lays out the scientific evidence in his new book “Belief Beyond Religion”. In addition to faith, he ventures deep into the controversial study of reincarnation and whether or not it can be proven. The book explores this possibility with astonishing results. Sean, a natural spiritualist and ordained minister, embraces the concept of a mind-body connection as the basis of faith and offers his services as a personal spiritual advisor. He carefully crafts ancient teachings and meticulously merges them with new age beliefs to develop a more modern day spiritual practice.

Sean states “there’s a growing sentiment across America that religions are becoming antiquated. According to the Pew Research Center, religious affiliation is steadily declining each year. Incidentally, more and more people are identifying themselves as spiritual as oppose to religious. Spirituality is a means of exercising faith and establishing a life of peace and prosperity without a weekly service or following a belief that seems to be out of touch with reality in today’s world”.

About the Author:

Sean XLG Mitchell is a leading authority on all things spiritual. He’s an award winning musical artist and activist. Sean has worked extensively in organizing and leading community-based study groups, volunteering in schools, as well as a youth mentor. Sean is the author of several books and is an ordained minister.

About the Book:

Belief Beyond Religion by Sean XLG Mitchell is available on (ISBN- ASIN: 1793382298).
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