UAE Public Schools Teachers getting immersed with VRXOne and STREAM Education Training

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with Google Expeditions

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with Google Expeditions

Dr. Sana Farid Training Ministry of Education teachers on implementation of Virtual Reality in Curriculum

Training in STREAM approach and experience in Immersive Technologies is expected to raise a self-motivated and highly skilled generation for optimum attainment of a knowledge based economy”
— Dr. Sana Farid - Co-Founder & CEO, Munfarid
SHARJAH , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 11, 2019 / -- STREAM Education plays a vital role in preparing the youth for the demands of labor markets. STREAM system equips the human resources with the right skillset required for a fast-tracked socio-economic growth. It indeed has a central part to play for attaining the objectives of a knowledge-based economy. This is precisely why the UAE government is investing heavily in the STREAM based education systems. As it is in training the teachers, their role being the key to achieving the end goals.

STREAM education is also an ideal fit for the new-age immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. These technologies provide the nurturing environment for experiential learning and pedagogical innovation, the chief prerequisites for students to develop sustainable leadership qualities and entrepreneurial tendencies.

VRXOne conducts VR backed STREAM Education Training for Teachers, well aware of the regional and global challenges present in the way of education led sustainable economic growth, VRXOne has developed a comprehensive teacher’s training program based on Virtual reality and Mixed Reality to coincide with STREAM education. Reaching out to 25,000 teachers across the Middle East, VRXOne is conducting extensive training sessions in immersive technologies. The purpose of the training is to promote in-depth learning, innovative approach and creative problem solving through hands-on learning practices.

In line with the vision of the UAE government and the goals set by the Ministry of Education for teacher’s training this year, VRXOne is focused on STREAM Education in Emirati schools. Following are the broader objectives associated with the training program:

Providing a comprehensive platform for VR based STREAM education training targeted at the public and private school teachers including thought leaders as well as volunteer teachers as part of “Teach for UAE” initiative.
Complimenting the educational landscape in connection with the emerging education technologies. Preparing the human resources for the same.
Streamlining the inspiring and motivational role of education leaders in the dawn of a knowledge-based economy.
Facilitating the educational system to equip students with the right skill-set to develop the abilities for creativity, self-motivation, leadership, innovation, critical thinking and entrepreneurship.
Bridging the gaps between school education and universities and ultimately labor markets.
Raising a generation of students that is globally competitive and well-prepared for the challenges of a transforming world.
VRXONE accelerates the process of STREAM based education
The UAE Minister of Education, HE Hussain Al Hammadi is convinced of the role of STREAM education in achieving professional development. “The professional development is the cornerstone of comprehensive development processes and is also basis for empowering the teachers with the tools, techniques and keys for continuous development.”

His Excellency further said that in order to instill a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the students of primary education schools and to provide a specialized environment that embraces students’ initiatives in innovative aspects is one of the most important requirements of STREAM education.

To this very end, VRXOne’s training program provides a a comprehensive platform for the teachers. The program enables them to deliver pioneering education experience for the students. At the same time, the platform provides strategic guidance to enhance the role of educational policies to support STREAM approach. Dr. Sana Farid, the Co-founder & CEO of VRXOne and the leading ARVR & Ai Strategist in MENA region, says that VRXOne program fully complies with the government strategy towards STREAM education, “We have our eyes set on the objective to innovate the Emirati educational system through technology led experiential learning solutions. STREAM approach has emerged as a natural fit for experiential learning and helps to inculcate a culture of deep learning among students.”

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