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The Piano Lady and the Friar of the Mountain receives 4.5 star reviews

The Piano Lady and the Friar of the Mountain by Lou Orly receives 4.5 star review from Manhattan Book Review

As an author, I have tried to talk about human dignity in a humble and delicate way, without prejudice or dogma. I hope I have succeeded.”
— Lou Orley
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2018 / -- “The Piano Lady and the Friar of the Mountain” by Lou Orly is a novel about two strangers scarred by tragedy meeting on a desolate mountain. It seems that as long as they remain isolated there, the world will be safe from them. As if it were a curse, the good deeds of one and the other have caused a trail of death. She's a great pianist. He, a young Franciscan. They do not share the concept of God, but they share the concept of the Grim Reaper, who is much closer to them than they think. Beneath the skin of a narrative of love, suspense, and friendship, the author talks about art, feminism, human rights, superstition, and religion.

“You can really feel the author's deep understanding and love of music throughout the book. I appreciated the short, simple chapters and the way that the author alternated perspectives in the story. I, personally, could vividly imagine the character of Lina. Orley does a wonderful job of character development. I found the book to be an easy and interesting read and would recommend it to those who enjoy simple, realistic fiction,” says Christi Lyle in the Manhattan Book Review.

Jo Niederhoff of the San Francisco Book Review said, “The story that unfolds is a fascinating exploration of human character. Even though the novel is small enough to be intimate, it feels as though every aspect of humanity is presented, from the best to the worst. The characters are presented without prejudice on the part of the author, which allows them all to shine on their own. The book's lyrical prose and straightforward narration drew me in at once. I found myself immediately drawn to Lina, the fragile yet gifted musician, and was fascinated by the seeming contradiction in her character.”

“Lou Orley offers us this exciting story about the human condition and values in an attempt to bring up issues that we may not have stopped to think about too much. The novel contains an enormous symbolism that, in addition to its meticulous, flowing and utterly captivating prose, further enriches the reading. The Piano Lady and the Friar of the Mountain cannot, therefore, be left aside under any circumstances. Lou Orley has created a touching, profound and emotional story using a thought-provoking and positive discourse. Its words are straightforward, going right to the heart, and that is precisely what makes the book a perfect work well worth exploring.” –Tregolam Review.

“If you think that human beings with different perspectives can fight together to make the world a better place to live, that art is a valuable tool to save people from the mindlessness of a mixed-up world and that a well-crafted story can be tremendously easy to follow, this may be a novel for you. As an author, I have tried to talk about human dignity in a humble and delicate way, without prejudice or dogma. I hope I have succeeded,” says author Lou Orley.

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Lou Orley writes stories about music and human rights. He can be contacted at

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