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Particl Cold Staking Pools Gracefully Balances Privacy, Control and Teamwork

The open source project creating privacy-focused dapps drops an early Christmas present that makes it easier than ever to team up and participate in rewards.

Pool participants send their coin to a coldstake script with a stake address owned by the pool and a spend address owned by the participant,”
— Tecnovert, Lead Particl Core Developer
ZUG, SWITZERLAND, December 18, 2018 / -- Particl, a cryptocurrency project devoted to freeing the individual with privacy-focused decentralized apps, has released an open-source staking pool protocol that makes it easy to combine your PART (coin) with other people to earn more frequent staking rewards.

Fittingly termed “Cold Staking Pools”, they operate the same way personal Particl Cold Staking does where participants can delegate their offline coins to an online node which can then stake on their behalf, but without being able to spend their coins. The new pool protocol is freely distributed and makes it easy for anyone to set up a Pool while staying true to Particl’s “Private by Design” philosophy by keeping users in control of their spend addresses. Cold staking pools are also compatible with Ledger Nano S devices, allowing users to cold stake safely with the additional security hardware wallets provide.

Tecnovert adds, “the pool can only stake such outputs and participants can withdraw their coin without interacting with the pool.”

In addition to protecting pool participants and increasing the frequency of rewards by teaming together, there is an added “Observer” mode where participants can verify if the pool is operating correctly. Particl has also included a modern, responsive GUI for Cold Staking Pool operators to use and participants to easily see how their pool is performing.

About Particl:
Particl is a privacy project built on the belief that a more efficient and independent economy can be built without middlemen. Created on Bitcoin codebase, and concurrently updated with each new release, PART became the first cryptocurrency to adopt Confidential Transactions to protect the privacy of individuals. The Open Marketplace is the project’s first privacy-focused dapp that makes it easy to buy and sell stuff for crypto.

About Particl Cold Staking:
Particl Cold Staking enables a dedicated resource connected to the Particl (PART) blockchain to stake on behalf of another wallet without being able to spend its coins. Cold staking nodes are intended to be used in combination with cold, hardware and paper wallets as well as multisig addresses, making it possible to stake “offline” coins with no risk of being hacked or exposing your public key to the network.

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