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Serial Entrepreneur Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D. brings XSurgical to the US; will lead company as Chief Executive Officer

Gianluca De Novi

Cambridge, MA firm will build and market unique surgical robots that can be controlled remotely by surgeons

As a company, we will be focused on the crucial aspects of delivering the best surgical robotics technology in critical environments.”
— Gianluca De Novi

CAMBRIDGE, MA, US, December 18, 2018 / -- Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D., a serial entrepreneur and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, has brought the Italian company XSurgical, a firm specializing in surgical robotics, to the United States, with the objective of developing new cutting-edge products in this domain.

DeNovi, a native of the small Italian town Bernalda in Basilicata, Italy, has built and run a number of successful ventures in Italy. While there, he scouted a number of interesting forward-thinking companies, seeking to find an exceptional venture to bring to the United States. His efforts led him to XSurgical (originally Surgica Robotica); and, after a period of due diligence, he determined that the market in the United States was right for this venture.

De Novi will lead XSurgical, now headquartered in Cambridge, as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity, he will work with investors, business leaders, and organizations in the development of a new product. XSurgical is building and will bring to market a remotely controlled surgical robot, which can be deployed in situations of disaster recovery, battlefield and even travels into space. The surgical robot will be able to perform open surgery and minimally invasive surgery, guided by surgeons from remote locations. The concept has received strong reviews from the military and the Department of Defense. XSurgical is also working to develop the artificial intelligence to compensate the communication delays initially and make subsequent robots fully autonomous.

DeNovi, who now resides in Cambridge, MA, brings a strong background in engineering and science to his latest entrepreneurial role. A faculty member at the Harvard Medical School, he earned his Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and his PhD in Robotics and Control Systems from the University of Bologna in Italy. While there, he also worked at the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics. After spending one year as a visiting researcher at the bio-robotics laboratory of Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, he completed his postdoctoral fellowship in medical simulation at the Department of Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

In 2013 he became an instructor at Harvard Medical School in 2013. During the last few years he has also dedicated part of his academic life to teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students. De Novi has also acted as scientific consultant to many leading corporations and research institutions.

Dr. De Novi's interest in surgical robotics and computer-based surgery simulation began with exploration of cutting edge technologies for graphic and haptic rendering and developing studies in these domains. He has additionally concentrated his research interests on physical simulation of soft tissues, creating novel models and approaches optimized for haptic rendering. During his postdoctoral fellowship he focused his interests on other crucial aspects of surgery simulation, such as real-time gesture analysis and task recognition and augmented reality.

De Novi has been a scientific and strategic advisor at ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc. since May 2015 and served as a member of its Strategic and Scientific Advisory Board since September 2014. In 2013 the PrimiDieci Society and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce recognized De Novi as one of the ten most distinguished Italian Professionals in the United States under the age of 40.

“I am honored to take the lead in bringing XSurgical through the finish line bringing the surgical robotics where no one else did before” said De Novi. “As a company, we will be focused on the crucial aspects of delivering the best surgical robotics technology in critical environments.”

About XSurgical
XSurgical, based in Cambridge, MA, is a pioneer in the field of mobile surgical robotics. The company holds numerous patents and has completed a number of presentations for the United States Department of Defense. XSurgical is now in the process of bringing to market a remotely guided surgical robot that has the potential to treat patients in places affected by natural disasters, on the military battlefield, and even potentially in space. The firm is selectively seeking several additional investors for a ground-floor opportunity. To learn more, please contact Dr. DeNovi at 857-204-2932.

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