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The Great thing about Eskom

Helping South Africans Realize a Change is Necessary

CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, December 11, 2018 / -- State Capture, corruption, a lack of maintenance and coal production/delivery, bankruptcy, constant striking and technical failures; these are the dominant words associated with the only energy provider in South Africa, namely Eskom. Of course, these terms have been in use for some time now, and they are not new to the citizens who wait in frustration for what the next day possibly holds in terms of load-shedding schedules. Because just as quickly as load-shedding became a thing of the past, it returned, and it brought more challenges with it.

In an attempt to defuse the tension and calm the angry citizens of the country, the Chairperson of Eskom recently stated that the dire situation at the energy provider is due to “problems that we have all caused”. But several newspapers, including Rapport and City Times, went on to publish the facts regarding a fundamental absence of leadership and direction, leaving South Africans in the dark – indefinitely.

Not too long ago, people were stocking up on generators, while some even made the transition to solar power in an attempt to avoid power outages. Business owners were forced to implement more powerful and effective backup systems if they wanted to operate during crucial office hours, and homeowners discovered how much they are saving with basic installations like solar geysers.

The necessity to explore alternative energy sources during the first major load-shedding period can almost be seen as a blessing when taking into account the current state of the environment. And it even gave rise to information-based websites like Solar Advice, which aimed to educate home and business owners about gaining independence.

But then things changed. Eskom received another bailout, and systematically the lights stayed on as the sales for generators dropped to normal. The need for alternative energy sources was not relevant anymore, and the focus turned to whether South Africa should invest in nuclear power to prevent problems down the line.

While the debate between nuclear and renewable energy played out in the media, Eskom was bleeding money under the influence of State Capture. And now, history repeats itself with even less hope of reaching a permanent or solid solution, unless, the interest in solar energy picks up again.

What home and business owners have to realize from the current situation, as depressing as it may be, is that these issues will not be resolved any time soon. The facts, as provided by credible media sources and established by the new load-shedding schedules, clearly show a long road of fixing overdue errors before even thinking about answers to the more recent troubles.

Maybe this is the turning point South Africans needs in terms of ensuring a better and cleaner tomorrow? Maybe now is the time to utilize and start more websites like Solar Advice, where everyone can look at their renewable energy options with support and guidance. Why wait for someone to save Eskom when South Africans can save themselves?

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